Karin Dunsford

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Ms Karin Dunsford
Director of Centenary Engagement

Karin Dunsford has enjoyed a career in education as a teacher of English followed by various executive roles in education administration.

She has worked in the independent school sector and has achieved expertise in Advancement, particularly in the fields of marketing, community relations and philanthropy. Karin has been described as a driven community-builder in advancing education in South Australia.

With a family background in country newspapers on Eyre Peninsula, Karin has an affinity with the power of words through journalism and advertising.  Learning about the history of St Mark’s College from the Old Collegians and sharing that story is an aspect of her role that is of great interest to her. With an ability to motivate, enthuse and inspire others, she aims to increase engagement and create lifelong connections with the St Mark’s community, alumnae and the College.

Karin’s sights are set on 2025 when St Mark’s College celebrate its Centenary with a program of events that will enable all the St Mark’s community to celebrate this exciting anniversary.