Pirjo Rayner

Ms Pirjo Rayner

Pirjo Rayner

Pirjo Rayner has been the College's librarian for over 30 years. Under her tenure she has helped build a fantastic resource for our students, ensuring that they have access to high quality materials both relevant to their studies and their broader academic and intellectual development. She also helped supervise the relocation of the College's library collection from the Old Library above the Grenfell Price Dining Hall to its current home in the Ian and Pamela Wall Academic Centre.

Prior to joining St Mark's, Pirjo spent over a decade working for the State Library of South Australia, as well as the SA Institute of Technology (now part of the University of South Australia).

About the Librarian

The Librarian is responsible for managing the College's extensive library collection, as well as taking care of the College's learning spaces - the Ian and Pamela Wall Academic Centre and the Learning Commons. As well as its collection of books in most areas of study and an extensive range of general non-fiction works, the Library contains a large, up-to-date fiction collection. It also subscribes to a small number of journals and its holdings are regularly updated with new acquisitions.

The Reserve Collection houses textbooks suited to various professions such as the health sciences, engineering, law, viticulture, business management, and accounting. The Library also houses various anatomical models available for student use within the Library; however, these are not for loan. These resources are a valuable asset of the College and students are encouraged to utilise them.

If you have any questions about the Library, please do not hesitate to speak to
Pirjo Rayner, the Librarian, or either of our two student Library Assistants.