Parents and friends join in the fun

The Master and Dean hosted the inaugural parents’ dinner on the College’s Open Day weekend, which attracted over 60 parents and friends who travelled from rural and metropolitan areas across Australia. The President of the College Club, Ms Heidi Hutchesson spoke about her own College experiences and how they have helped her to continue to develop personally and to further shape her values and career goals. The success and excitement about College life comes from its community which extends beyond our students and Collegians but to our parents and grandparents, who on this occasion appreciated the opportunity to hear from the Master about the College’s plans for the future as well as connecting with one another.

Amongst guests on the evening, the College was delighted to welcome Mr Robin Millhouse QC (Alumnus 1947-51) who travelled from Sydney to be with his granddaughter Alice Moyle,  a third year Engineering student at the University of Adelaide.