The St Mark’s Old Collegians’ Association, established in 1927, is made up of a very active and inspiring group of past students.


Current students can build meaningful connections and access mentoring from this extensive global alumni of over 3,500 members.

Old Collegians' Association

When students leave St Mark’s, they are eligible for membership in the Old Collegians’ Association.  They join a dynamic community of more than 3,500 Marksmen and Markswomen.

An annually-elected committee organises a variety of social events and reunions to suit the various demographics and interests of members.  The Old Collegians’ Association provides a bursary for new students who have had a relative attend College. The Committee also works closely with the St Mark’s Foundation with respect to fundraising for the College.

Connections with a well-established and involved alumni also help prepare current students for their future careers. Mentoring by Old Collegians can help provide the tools needed to develop job-ready skills.

How to Connect

To contact the Old Collegians’ Association email them at

Old Collegians who want to maintain contact with St Mark’s and be notified of news and upcoming events can request membership of The Official St Mark's Old Collegians' Site page on Facebook and the Old Collegians’ LinkedIn page.

St Mark's also produces a regular newsletter with details about reunions and College news.

Information about events and College news is also emailed and posted to Old Collegians so please ensure the College has your current contact details.

Celebrating Our Alumni and Friends

The College warmly recognises and celebrates the professional, academic, and community achievements of members of the St Mark’s College community, including outstanding contributions to the College.

The outstanding contributions, distinction, and achievements of Old Collegians and friends of the College are acknowledged in many ways, including through:

  • acknowledgement in our e-newsletters and other publications (available here)
  • news stories on our website here
  • posts on College social media
  • recognition through special profiles, such as those of some of the most outstanding St Mark’s women published to mark the 40th anniversary of coeducation (available here)
  • appointment as Honorary Fellows (details here)
  • appointment as Distinguished Collegians (details here)
  • honour boards at the College
  • portraits in the Dining Hall or elsewhere in the College
  • plaques throughout the College, and pavers around the Pond
  • recognition in the St Mark’s College Foundation as Governors, Benefactors, Fellows, Senior Members, and Members (details here)
  • recognition of those who have pledged bequests to the College as members of the 1925 Bequest Society, and
  • acknowledgement at College events.

We are always keen to hear of the news and achievements of Old Collegians and friends of the College. We are also grateful to be advised of the deaths of members of the St Mark’s community, and details of obituaries or eulogies. Please be in touch by emailing

A number of members of the St Mark’s community who have made outstanding contributions to the College are recognised as Honorary Fellows, and a number who have made outstanding contributions to the wider community are recognised as Distinguished Collegians. These are the College’s highest categories of recognition of contribution and distinction.

Our Honorary Fellows and Distinguished Collegians, along with the 30 St Marks’s Rhodes Scholars, are listed here.

Personal Details

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