Academic Facilities

St Mark’s does everything possible to help students achieve their academic best. The College is proud of its excellent facilities which provide students with 24/7 access to comfortable, quiet study spaces, tutorial rooms, vast learning resources and the latest technology.

St Mark’s sets its students up for success by providing a range of thoughtfully-designed, modern spaces for study and research.

While some will always enjoy working in the privacy of their own room, a growing number of students are seeking more open, connected learning spaces.

St Mark’s is aware that university students want more from the College than just a place to sleep and is responding to this by adding spaces which reflect a contemporary style of living and learning.

Meeting demand for increased learning areas is part of the St Mark’s 2025 Master Plan which aims to maintain its status as the premier residential university college in Adelaide and as a leading educational institution in Australia.

Academic Centre

The Ian and Pamela Wall Academic Centre is a popular study hub which is open to students 24 hours a day and provides an air conditioned, quiet location for study and research.   The well-designed centre has plenty of natural light and plenty of individual or group study spaces.

The Library Reserve collection houses rare or specialised textbooks suited to various professions such as the health sciences, engineering or viticulture.  There are books for most areas of study, reference works, journals and sets of past exam papers.

A collection of recreational fiction encourages students to read outside of their studies.

A librarian is available to assist students with new book requests and library searches.

Printing and scanning facilities are available and tutorial rooms are equipped with smart screens for shared learning and presentations.

Learning Commons

The Learning Commons, which opened in 2019, is a modern, open space where students gather to study, collaborate, create and socialise.  The cleverly-designed facility provides individual and group work spaces. Whether it is on the balcony overlooking the tennis courts, or in a break-out room, this is the ideal environment for students who prefer to study outside of their bedroom or if they simply enjoy studying around others.

The Learning Commons has plenty of natural light, flexible furniture, seminar rooms and added space for tutorials, functions and events.

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