Vision and Values

Vision and Values

St Mark’s has a strong, proud history and is committed to being a leader among Australia’s university residential colleges.  An established set of values and beliefs serves as a compass for St Mark’s and guides the College’s actions and decisions.


Thank you for your interest in St Mark’s College, a warm, vibrant and inclusive residential College for university students in the heart of the city of Adelaide.

St Mark’s prides itself on the strength of its community, providing a secure and happy environment for students to achieve their goals through structured academic programs, wellbeing support, professional development, and a broad extra-curricular offering to ensure that they have opportunities to flourish and succeed at university and in their lives and careers beyond.

Visitors to St Mark’s are always struck by the warmth of the welcome they receive, reflective of the lively and engaged student and staff community of the College.

The College is a thriving community of young people from around Australia and the globe, where, in addition to being an environment centred around achieving academic excellence, opportunities are provided for students to take up the challenges of leadership, be part of a team, contribute to College life and thrive as young adults.

Our staff, some of them residential, are also active participants in College life, providing support, expertise and positive role modelling for our students.

One of the best ways to experience what St Mark’s has to offer is to come and see it for yourself.  I invite you to contact the College to arrange a tour and meet our students at a time convenient to you. I am confident that you will leave impressed by the College facilities and strength of the caring community.

I look forward to welcoming you to the College.

Professor Don Markwell
Head of College


Vision and Values

Vision Statement: A world enriched by the leadership of our College community


The St Mark’s values guide the way we live together.

We have a mutual responsibility to live according to these values and maintain our respectful living and learning environment.

We place importance on being a welcoming and inclusive community that:

  • promotes intellectual enquiry and rigour, a love of learning and a culture of continuous improvement;
  • supports the well-being of each student to enjoy a healthy and happy College experience;
  • fosters respectful relationships and lifelong friendships
  • expects personal and professional conduct characterised by fairness and integrity;
  • encourages a willingness to serve others and to give back to the community in a spirit of thankfulness;
  • cares about the environment and embraces the principles of ecological sustainability;
  • values the vision of our founders, our Anglican foundation and the best traditions of the College;
  • takes an active, progressive and outward-looking approach to life.

Cultural Renewal

St Mark’s is deeply committed to cultural renewal to ensure the College continues to be a place where every student can thrive.

An Action Plan designed to support continued cultural renewal at St Mark’s was launched by the College’s Board in September 2018.

Some of the plan’s key actions include:

  • ensuring greater controls are in place for College events to reduce harmful drinking and reduce the likelihood of unacceptable activities and behaviour;
  • Introducing a new Welcome Week to replace Orientation Week. Welcome Week focuses on building an inclusive and diverse student body. Unacceptable past traditions and activities will not be tolerated;
  • Strengthening existing training for all students and staff on the College’s Values, sexual assault and harassment, consent, bystander awareness, drug and alcohol harm minimisation, mental and sexual health by increasing its frequency throughout the year and introducing cultural sensitivity training;
  • Monitoring and reviewing progress to ensure the Action Plan achieves its targets and adapts to leading evidence-based practice and feedback.

More detail is contained in the College’s Statement of Cultural Renewal and the Action Plan for Cultural Renewal.

Progress reports provide details on the work undertaken thus far and further work to do.

Progress report update on cultural renewal, February 2022 (updated May 2022)

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End of first year progress report

Progress ‘report card’ to 20 September 2019 can be read here.

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