Academic Life

Academic Life

Living at St Mark’s offers students constant access to academic support through formal tutorials and peer-to-peer mentoring.  Living amongst trained tutors and mentors can give students a competitive edge. The College provides everything possible to set its students on the pathway to success.

St Mark’s enjoys a well-deserved reputation for its inspiring academic environment. High pass rates above the national average are a direct reflection of the College’s student-centred approach.

An all-round education is on offer at St Mark’s where students can easily engage with their peers, academics and professionals from a wide range of disciplines.

St Mark’s students are surrounded by people, programs and facilities which help them achieve their academic best, graduate on time and reach their full potential.

Living and learning at St Mark’s undoubtedly helps build a solid foundation for success in college and beyond.


University Retention
Pass Rate
Students achieved one credit or higher
Students achieved one distinction or higher


Students have the chance to achieve the best results possible with extra help on offer at weekly academic tutorials offered in a wide range of subjects.

Tutors are senior students who have achieved outstanding results in the relevant courses and receive training in effective teaching methods.  Academics and postgraduate students also contribute to the tutorials which are held outside university teaching hours.

Education Workshops

A series of workshops offer St Mark’s students advanced learning opportunities.

“University 101” is a workshop to help students understand how to manage university life. Time management sessions and study skills workshops share effective study techniques and procrastination avoidance tips. Academic integrity workshops ensure students are familiar with university expectations around referencing and plagiarism. Discipline-specific skills workshops help students develop core and extension skills, such as how to read an X-Ray or ECG or how to write an essay.

Learning and Wellbeing Reviews

Formal reviews, held each semester, are designed to support students in their academic and personal endeavours.

Learning and wellbeing reviews give every student the chance to meet with the Head of College, Dean and Director of Learning to discuss their academic progress, career goals and overall health and wellbeing.


The College has a strong focus on supporting students to build professional networks and receive mentoring from industry and thought leaders, including many Old Collegians.

Students also organise faculty dinners, workshops and seminars where experts in industry, business, academia and the community are invited to speak to and connect with students.

Guest Speakers

The College’s Guest Speaker Series offers students the chance to hear thought-provoking insights and experiences from a range of invited guest speakers.

Previous guests include the late former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, various musicians, the Governor of South Australia, art curators, brewers, doctors, nutritionists, agricultural scientists, climate change experts, politicians and many distinguished alumni.

Scholars in Residence

We continue the tradition of having academic leaders living at College to assist in promoting and advancing a culture of academic excellence.