Looking after our mental health and wellbeing is important at all times, and it’s especially the case when we’re dealing with the ongoing disruptions and anxieties resulting from Coronavirus. 

On this page we have pulled together some online resources to provide some support and help you to develop coping strategies.

Coronavirus Support Resources

Here are two excellent sets of resources developed specifically to provide support during the Coronavirus pandemic, though both also contain great tools and tips for life more generally:

  • Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook: whether or not you’re struggling with anxiety, this is an awesome collection of exercises and ideas that you can incorporate into your life.
  • This Way Up: this has some terrific tools and tips for managing stress, anxiety and low moods during these changing times.

Apps and Podcasts

There’s a great set of apps at this link, under the headings of Mental Health, Physical Health, Journaling, Mindfulness, Productivity, and Social. 

In our experience, some particularly useful apps are:

  • Insight Timer: includes a free library of 30,000+ guided meditations
  • Smiling Mind: provides structured mindfulness and meditation sessions
  • My Compass: enables you to chart your mood, and develop strategies to manage anxiety and stress levels
  • Happify: science-based activities and games to help you take control of your thoughts and feelings
  • CARROT Fit: snarky 7-minute workouts
  • Dark Noise: ambient noise to help you sleep, focus, or relax

And here’s a fantastic podcast definitely worth 45 minutes of your time - listen via Spotify or your Apple Podcast app: 

Talk To Someone

Don’t forget that there are plenty of people in College you can talk to if you’d find it useful, such as your Residential Advisor, the Assistant Deans, and other members of the Student Leadership Team. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact any staff members as well, such as Stuart, Rachel, Kathy, Grant, or Don - we’re always happy to have a chat, and can help hook you in with any external support that might be beneficial.  

If you’d like a chat with someone outside College, good options include eheadspace which provides free online support and counselling to young people up to the age of 25, and BeyondBlue which provides free and immediate 24/7 support.

Support From Your University

You can access the Support Services at your University as well - see links as follows:


COVID-19 resources

Indigenous students

Facebook Posts

Here are links to PDFs of some of our recent Facebook posts and emails, which include tips and strategies for managing work and wellbeing: