The people who lead St Mark’s - in governance, staff, student leadership, and volunteer roles - are amongst the College’s greatest strengths.

A dedicated, enthusiastic board, staff and student leadership team work closely and effectively, alongside the College Foundation, Old Collegians’ Association and various committees, to ensure the ongoing success of the College.

The governance of the College is undertaken in accordance with the College Constitution adopted in December 2018, and the Board Charter adopted in October 2019.

The Board of St Mark’s is made up of dynamic professionals who are responsible for overseeing the College’s strategic direction, plans, and performance. 

St Mark’s is led by the Head of College, who is the academic and executive head of the College. The Head of College works closely with the Dean, Director of Learning, and other professional staff to ensure the smooth day-to-day running of the College.

The Dean and Director of Learning work closely with the Student Leadership Team, incorporating Assistant Deans, Senior Academic Tutor and Academic Coordinators, Senior Residential Advisor and Residential Advisors, and with the College Club Committee, to promote the best all-round student experience.

College Board

Ms Linda Matthews BA (Flin)
Mr Mark Penniment BEc (Adel), FCA
Professor Suzanne Le Mire LLB(Hons) BA (Adel) GDLP (SAIT) PhD (Monash) GAICD
Mr Marc Allgrove BEc (Adel), GAICD
Ms Cecilia White, BA, LLB (Adel)
Mr Darren Pitt, BA (Hons), PGCE, MEd

Senior College Staff

Professor Don Markwell BEcon (Hons) (Qld), MA, MPhil, DPhil (Oxon)
Head of College
Mr Stuart Meldrum BPsych (Hons) (Newc), DipAppPsych (COPP)
Dr Rachel Buxton BA (Hons) (Adel), MSt, DPhil (Oxon), PGCTHE, MBA (Oxford Brookes)
Director of Learning
Ms Kathy Radoslovich BInt (Hons) (Adel), BDS (Adel)
Mrs Sara Ware BCom (UniSA), CPA
Business Manager
Mr Richard Foster B.Teach, B.Ed, Dip Child Psych
Property Manager
The Reverend Grant Moore B Theol (Hons), Dip Ed, Cert Ed (Com)

College Staff

Catering Staff

The College outsources its catering to international company Sodexo which provides our student residents with high quality, nutritious and delicious food.

Cleaning Staff

The College outsources its cleaning to Academy Services with professional, caring staff who take pride in ensuring our environment is maintained to the highest of standards.

2021 Student Leadership Team

Student leadership positions are central to the life of the College, including providing academic and wellbeing support to fellow students, organising many activities (including sporting, cultural, community service, social and other activities), and much else besides.

Working together with College staff and other students, leadership positions give students superb opportunities for developing their leadership and teamwork skills, and for undertaking the community service that has been at the heart of the values and ethos of St Mark’s College since its founding in 1925.

From left to right:

Front Row: Oliver Douglas (Charitable Foundation President, Lion Editor), Taylor Glover (College Club Committee Vice President), Sophie Ludbrook (College Club Committee President), Ashlee Nichol (Assistant Dean), Stuart Meldrum (Dean), Professor Don Markwell (Head of College), Dr Rachel Buxton (Director of Learning), Kaitlin Beltakis (Assistant Dean), Niamh Jones (Senior Academic Tutor), Alice McKenzie (College Club Committee Secretary), James Andrews (College Club Committee Treasurer)

Second Row: Molly Rogers (Library Assistant), Miah Sherry (College Club Committee Merchandise Officer), Kaidy Morgan (Photographer), Chloe Grosser (Residential Advisor), Jessica Hulett (Residential Advisor, Charitable Foundation Secretary), Eliza Lee (College Club Committee Sports Officer), Sarah Whyte (Film Maker), Caitlin Glascott (College Club Committee Social Officer), Anastasia Pannell (Academic Coordinator), Max Gordon (Charitable Foundation Treasurer, Music Room Curator, Gym Curator), Yemaya Coleman-Smith (Residential Advisor)

Third Row: Ryan Williams (Library Assistant), Abraham Tuckwell (College Club Committee Sport Officer), Luke Marcus (Academic Coordinator, Lion Editor), Jack Brady (Academic Coordinator), Lachlan Matheson (Residential Advisor), Oliva White (College Club Committee Equity Officer, Warden), Jackson Furst (Residential Advisor), Shawn Wang (College Club Committee Sponsorship/Charitable Officer)

Back Row: Aidan Jones (Residential Advisor), Brodie Carrigan (College Club Committee Social Officer, Warden), Kristen Coles (Academic Coordinator), Isabel Unwin (College Club Committee Arts and Cultural Officer, Warden), Niamh van Berkel (Warden), Maddy Taylor (Residential Advisor), Riley Cornell (College Club Committee Equity Officer), Alleigh Hamnett (Residential Advisor), Erin Powell (Warden), Katherine Dumas (Academic Coordinator)

Absent: Gemma Nunn (Academic Coordinator), Iman Westhead (Indigenous Student Advisor)

All 2021 Student Leaders & Staff (1)_
Student Executive Team & Staff (5) - Crop

2021 Student Executive Team

The Student Executive Team comprises the College Club Executive (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer), the two Assistant Deans, the Senior Academic Tutor, the Indigenous Student Adviser, and the President of the Charitable Foundation. It works closely with the Head of College, Dean, and Director of Learning on coordinating many aspects of College life, and promoting student welfare and success.

From left to right:

Front Row: Ashlee Nichol (Assistant Dean), Stuart Meldrum (Dean), Professor Don Markwell (Head of College), Dr Rachel Buxton (Director of Learning), Kaitlin Beltakis (Assistant Dean)

Back Row: Taylor Glover (College Club Committee Vice President), Sophie Ludbrook (College Club Committee President), James Andrews (College Club Committee Treasurer), Oliver Douglas (Charitable Foundation President), Alice McKenzie (College Club Committee Secretary), Niamh Jones (Senior Academic Tutor)

Absent: Iman Westhead (Indigenous Student Advisor)

2021 College Club Committee

All St Mark’s residents are members of the College Club. Elected by their fellow students, the College Club Committee promotes student wellbeing and interests in diverse ways, including by organising an impressive line-up of events in partnership with other student leaders and the College staff. The College Club Executive consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
From left to right:
Front Row: Taylor Glover (Vice President), Sophie Ludbrook (President), Stuart Meldrum (Dean), Professor Don Markwell (Head of College), Dr Rachel Buxton (Director of Learning), Alice McKenzie (Secretary), James Andrews (Treasurer)
Back Row: Caitlin Glascott (Social Officer), Brodie Carrigan (Social Officer), Isabel Unwin (Arts and Cultural Officer), Riley Cornell (Equity Officer), Olivia White (Equity Officer), Abraham Tuckwell (Sports Officer), Miah Sherry (Merchandise Officer), Shawn Wang (Sponsorship/Charitable Officer), Eliza Lee (Sports Officer)

College Club Committee & Staff (2) - Crop
RAs, ADs, Warden & Dean (9)

2021 Assistant Deans, Residential Advisors and Wardens

Assistant Deans: The Assistant Deans work with the Dean, other staff, and students to ensure that St Mark’s provides a respectful, inclusive, and safe environment for all. The Assistant Deans assist students in various ways when needed, including liaising between staff and students, and help to ensure that the College’s values and expectations are upheld in student behaviour.

The Assistant Deans are senior leaders in the College who lead the Residential Advisor (RA) team and the Flat and Hawker House Wardens to support students on each floor or in each building, and assist the Dean and Director of Learning in leading the Student Leadership Team (SLT).

Residential Advisors (RAs): Residential Advisors (RAs) are expected to show leadership in all aspects of College life, and to support actively the aims and ideals of St Mark’s College in promoting the wellbeing and academic success of its students. The primary function of an RA is to establish and maintain an environment which is safe, socially cohesive, welcoming and conducive to academic excellence. They are often the first point of contact for students’ issues and can advise on additional support structures within and beyond the College community.

Flat/Hawker House Wardens: As with RAs, the primary function of the Wardens is to establish and maintain in their area of responsibility an environment which is safe, socially cohesive, welcoming and conducive to academic excellence. Like RAs, Wardens also, for example, serve as Duty Tutors and Fire Wardens for the full year.

From left to right:

Front Row: Olivia White (Warden), Erin Powell (Warden), Ashlee Nichol (Assistant Dean), Stuart Meldrum (Dean), Kaitlin Beltakis (Assistant Dean), Niamh Van Berkel (Warden), Isabel Unwin (Warden)

Back Row: Yemaya Coleman-Smith (Residential Advisor), Brodie Carrigan (Warden), Chloe Grosser (Residential Advisor), Aidan Jones (Residential Advisor), Alleigh Hamnett (Residential Advisor), Lachlan Matheson (Residential Advisor), Maddy Taylor (Residential Advisor), Jackson Furst (Residential Advisor), Jessica Hulett (Residential Advisor)

2021 Academic Team

Senior Academic Tutor: The role of the Senior Academic Tutor (SAT) is to assist students in the positive transition from school to university life, and provide support to ensure academic success and resilience. Working closely with the Director of Learning, the Senior Academic Tutor’s portfolio includes coordinating the Academic Coordinators, administering the Tutorial Program, and ensuring all students are aware of and able to access the academic support at the College.

Academic Coordinators: The role of each Academic Coordinator is to support the Director of Learning and Senior Academic Tutor to help ensure all students attain their academic goals and fulfil their potential, and to improve the accessibility, relevance and quality of academic and career development opportunities for all students. St Mark’s College students in related degrees are grouped by Faculty, and each Faculty has an Academic Coordinator. For 2021, the six Faculties are: (1) Agriculture, Viticulture, Veterinary and Animal Science; (2) Medicine, Nursing, and Dentistry; (3) Engineering, Physical Sciences, Architecture and Aviation; (4) Business and Law; (5) Health & Medical Sciences and Allied Health; and (6) Arts and Education.

From left to right:

Front Row: Anastasia Pannell (Academic Coordinator),  Dr Rachel Buxton (Director of Learning), Niamh Jones (Senior Academic Tutor), Katherine Dumas (Academic Coordinator)

Back Row: Jack Brady (Academic Coordinator), Kristen Coles (Academic Coordinator), Luke Marcus (Academic Coordinator)

Absent: Gemma Nunn (Academic Coordinator)

Academic Team & Director of Learning (10) - Crop
Charitable Foundation Executive (7)

2021 Charitable Foundation Executive

Community service is at the heart of the ideals and values for which St Mark’s stands. Many of the community service activities undertaken by the students of St Mark’s College – including volunteering and fundraising activities for charities – are led through the Charitable Foundation. Its Executive members are its President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

From left to right: Max Gordon (Treasurer), Oliver Douglas (President), Jessica Hulett (Secretary)