The people who lead St Mark’s - in governance, staff, student leadership, and volunteer roles - are amongst the College’s greatest strengths.

The College Board, an outstanding staff team and student leaders work closely and effectively, alongside the Old Collegians’ Association, Foundation and various committees, to ensure the ongoing success of the College.

The governance of the College is undertaken in accordance with the College Constitution adopted in December 2018, and the Board Charter adopted in October 2019 and revised in July 2023.

The Board of St Mark’s is responsible for overseeing the College’s strategic direction, plans, and performance. 

St Mark’s is led by the Head of College, who is its academic and executive head. The Head of College works closely with a professional staff of exceptional quality to ensure the smooth day-to-day running and the progress of the College.

The Dean, Director of Learning, Director of Wellbeing, and other staff work closely with the Student Leadership Team, including Assistant Deans, Senior Academic Tutor and Academic Coordinators, Senior Residential Advisor and Residential Advisors, Indigenous Student Advisor and other student leaders, and with the College Club Committee, to promote the best all-round student experience.


College Board

Ms Linda Matthews
BA (Flin)
Chair of the Board
Member of the Finance & Risk Committee

Mr Mark Penniment
BEc (Adel), FCA
Deputy Chair of the Board
Chair of the Finance & Risk Committee

Mr Simon Murray OAM
Board Member

Professor Suzanne Le Mire
LLB(Hons), BA (Adel), GDLP (SAIT), PhD (Monash), GAICD
Board Member

Mr Marc Allgrove
BEc (Adel), GAICD
Board Member
Member of the Finance & Risk Committee

Ms Cecilia White
BA, LLB (Adel)
Board Member

Mr Darren Pitt
BA(Hons), PGCE, MEd
Board Member

College Staff

Professor Don Markwell AM
BEcon (Hons) (Qld), MA, MPhil, DPhil (Oxon)
Head of College


Dr Rachel Buxton
BA (Hons) (Adel), MSt, DPhil (Oxon), PGCTHE, MBA (Oxford Brookes)
Adviser and Special Projects

Mr Stuart Meldrum
BPsych (Hons) (Newc), DipAppPsych (COPP)

Dr Katrina Stats
BA (Hons), DML, MA (UniMelb), PhD (Adel)
Director of Learning

Ms Sally Cassidy
BA, BSW (Flin), PostGradDip Adv Mental Hlth Prac (BU)
Director of Wellbeing

Mrs Sara Ware
BCom (UniSA), CPA
Business Manager

Ms Carol Atkinson
Cert III Broadcasting (Radio), Cert IV Train Small Groups
Events Manager and Executive Officer

Ms Karin Dunsford
Director of Centenary Engagement

Ms Kathy Radoslovich
BInt (Hons), BDS (Adel)
Research and Scholarships Manager

Rev'd Canon Steve Daughtry
GDip Theology St (Flin), GDip Theology (CSU), AssocDip PerfArts (JCU)

Ms Amanda Ward
BAppSc(InfoLibSc) (Curtin), GradDiplMS (Monash)
Librarian and Archivist

Ms Lorraine Burgess
Finance Officer

Ms Michelle Tomlinson
DipLM, Cert IV BusAdmin
Office and Admissions Administrator

Ms Nila Canning
Administrative Assistant

Ms Sarah Menz
BPsych (Hons), Cert III BusAdmin
Marketing and Communications Officer

Mr Richard Foster
BTeach, BEd (UniSA), DipChildPsych
Property Manager

Mr George De Bono
Maintenance Team

Mr Henry Mancini
BAppSc (UniSA), MEnvSc (Adel), Cert III Hort (TAFE SA)
Maintenance Team

Mr Tony Zander
Maintenance Team

Mr Tony Caridi
Cert III Hort (TAFE SA)
Maintenance Team

Catering Staff

The College outsources its catering to Cater Care which provides our student residents with high quality, nutritious and delicious food.

Cleaning Staff

The College outsources its cleaning to ServiceFM with professional, caring staff who take pride in ensuring our environment is maintained to the highest of standards.

Centenary Historians

St Mark’s College has commissioned two highly regarded historians from the University of Adelaide, Associate Professor Paul Sendziuk and Dr Carolyn Collins, to write the College’s history for publication at the time of our Centenary in 2025. Read more about their appointment here.

Associate Professor Paul Sendziuk teaches Australian history at the University of Adelaide. He has particular expertise in the histories of Australian immigration, labour, public health and disease.  Paul has an abiding interest in university residential colleges, having lived at three of them: as an undergraduate student at St Thomas More College in Perth, as a resident tutor at Newman College in Melbourne, and as a Scholar in Residence at St Mark’s in 2005.

Also the author or co-author of several works of history, Dr Carolyn Collins is a member of the South Australian Working Party of the Australian Dictionary of Biography and a committee member for Oral History Australia (SA/NT) and edits the Journal of the Historical Society of South Australia.

Paul and Carolyn have collaborated numerous times. They have invited input from Old Collegians and friends of the College on their experiences of St Mark’s.

You can find out more about Paul and Carolyn here, and more about how the College is marking our Centenary here.

Honorary Fellows, Distinguished Collegians, and Rhodes Scholars

A number of members of the St Mark’s community who have made outstanding contributions to the College are recognised as Honorary Fellows, and a number who have made outstanding contributions to the wider community are recognised as Distinguished Collegians. They, along with the 30 St Marks’s Rhodes Scholars, are listed here.

2024 Student Leadership Team

Student leadership positions are central to the life of the College, including providing academic and wellbeing support to fellow students, organising various activities (including community service, sporting, cultural, social and other activities), and contributing to ensuring College is a safe and enjoyable place to live.

Student leadership positions give students superb opportunities for developing their leadership and teamwork skills, and for undertaking the community service that has been at the heart of the values and ethos of St Mark’s College since its founding in 1925. Experience in leadership positions provides invaluable preparation for students’ lives and careers after college.

Each year, the student body elects a College Club Committee, and the College appoints a Student Leadership Team, along with various other leadership positions. All these leaders work together, with their work coordinated through the Student Executive Team.

For a full list of student leaders, please see here.

Photo: 2024 Student Leadership Team
Front, left to right: Cameron Akehurst, Gemma Garraway, Jacob Deeb, Anthony Doll, Dr Katrina Stats, Eloise Montefiore, Professor Don Markwell AM, Stuart Meldrum, Sally Cassidy, Cass Joubert, William Gillett, Kellie Lessue, Charlie Shepherd
Middle, left to right: Zoe Hughes, Emma Mattiske, Madison Fatchen, Charlotte Le Page, Rachael Bird, Madi Martin, Manon Finch, Jean-Philippe Soulie, Liam Phillips, Riley Herbert, Ben Grima, Ben Ransom, Hamish Napier, Kobi Lowe, Jed Thiel, Cameron Dixon, Dino Macri
Back, left to right: Olivia Williams, Tiahna Olsen, Georgia Craig-Neal, Lara Garin, Baeley Tucker, Zac Meakin, Dorisa Nasserian, Nathan Rokebrand, Hamish McKenny, Natalie Fitzpatrick, Callum Saville, Jordan Laverty, Joe Clyde, Ellie Akehurst, Eloise Wills, Daniel Stephens, Sam Purcell
Absent: Alice Alexander, Jasper Atkinson, Annie Coffey, Oscar Hemmings, Charli Nisbet, Luke MacKay,  Juliette Parlange, Tara Phelps, Zoe Raynes, Roslyn Thomas, Drew Willie, Estelle Wollin

All student leaders - cropped
Exec with staff - cropped

2024 Student Executive Team

The Student Executive Team comprises the two Assistant Deans, the College Club Executive (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer), the Senior Academic Tutor, the Senior Residential Advisor, the Indigenous Student Advisors, and the President of the Charitable Foundation. It works closely with the Head of College, Dean, Director of Wellbeing, and Director of Learning to co-ordinate many aspects of College life, and in promoting student wellbeing and success.

The 2024 Student Executive Team has been providing leadership in annual revision of the “Living Document” statement of shared values and behaviours which all students are asked to support and uphold.

Photo: 2024 Student Leadership Executive
Front from left: Anthony Doll, Dr Katrina Stats (Director of Learning), Stuart Meldrum (Dean), Professor Don Markwell AM (Head of College), Sally Cassidy (Director of Wellbeing), Cass Joubert, Gemma Garraway
Back from left: Cameron Akehurst, Jacob Deeb, Kellie Lessue, Eloise Montefiore, William Gillett, Charlie Shepperd
Absent: Annie Coffey, Drew Willie

2024 College Club Committee and Charitable Foundation Executive

The College Club is an incorporated association. All residents of the College are eligible for membership of the Club, for which a subscription is paid. At the end of each year the student body elects a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Male and Female Sports Officers, Male and Female Equity Officers, Male and Female Social Officers, Arts and Culture Officer, Merchandise Officer, and Sponsorship/Charitable Officer. They are together responsible for the management of Club affairs in the ensuing year. The College Club Executive consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

The College Club Committee promotes student wellbeing and interests in diverse ways, including by organising an impressive line-up of cultural, social, and sporting events in partnership with other student leaders and the College staff. The Committee is responsible for representing the interests of all College Club members, and helping to promote a culture of respect, inclusion, and safety. Their responsibility includes the upgrade, care, and maintenance of all College Club property and rooms used by the College Club.

Alongside the College Club Committee, we also have the student-run Charitable Foundation. The Charitable Foundation is a sub-committee of the College Club responsible for coordinating the College Club’s charitable activities. Community service is at the heart of the ideals and values for which St Mark’s stands. Many of the community service activities undertaken by the students of St Mark’s College – including volunteering and fundraising activities for charities – are led through the Charitable Foundation. The vibrancy of the Charitable Foundation reflects the strong commitment of St Mark’s students to community service. This commitment has been central to the College’s values since our foundation. Its Executive members are its President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Photo: 2024 College Club Committee and Charitable Foundation Executive with Staff
Front from left: Kellie Lessue, Jacob Deeb, Dr Katrina Stats (Director of Learning), Stuart Meldrum (Dean), Professor Don Markwell AM (Head of College), Sally Cassidy (Director of Wellbeing), Eloise Montefiore, William Gillett, Charlie Shepperd
Back from left: Jed Thiel, Kobi Lowe, Zoe Hughes, Tiahna Olsen, Baeley Tucker, Jean-Philippe Soulie, Nathan Rokebrand, Jordan Laverty, Eloise Wills, Cameron Dixon, Dino Macri

2024 Residential Advisors and Wardens with ADs and Staff

2024 Assistant Deans, Residential Advisors, Indigenous Student Advisor and Wardens

Assistant Deans: The Assistant Deans work with the Dean, the Director of Wellbeing, other staff, and students to ensure that St Mark’s provides a respectful, inclusive, and safe environment for all. The Assistant Deans support students in various ways when needed, including liaising between staff and students, and helping to ensure that the College’s values and expectations are upheld in student behaviour. The Assistant Deans are senior leaders in the College and assist the Dean, Director of Wellbeing, and Director of Learning in leading the Student Leadership Team (SLT). Their role also includes working with the College staff on different tasks.

Senior Residential Advisor (SRA): The SRA assists the Dean, Director of Wellbeing, and Assistant Deans to support students in the positive transition from school to university life, and throughout their College life. The SRA leads the Residential Advisor and Warden Team and will co-ordinate regular meetings with them.

Residential Advisors (RAs): Led by the Senior Residential Advisor (SRA), Residential Advisors (RAs) have the responsibility of providing care and assistance to all students in College. They are expected to show leadership in all aspects of College life, and actively support the aims and ideals of St Mark’s College in promoting the wellbeing and academic success of its students. The primary function of an RA is to establish and maintain an environment that is safe, socially cohesive, welcoming, and conducive to academic excellence. The RAs are available to provide help and advice on all aspects of College life. The RAs will get to know each student on their floor personally to support student wellbeing and ensure that behaviour is in accordance with the values of the College. They are often the first point of contact for students’ issues and can advise on additional support structures within and beyond the College community.

Indigenous Student Advisor (ISA):The ISA provides pastoral care and support to all current Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Working closely with the Director of Wellbeing, Dean, Director of Learning, and Registrar, the ISA also acts as representative for current Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, assists in the recruitment to College of future Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, maintains relationships with local Elders and with relevant university support services, and assists in the organisation of events that celebrate Indigenous culture and history.

Flat/Hawker House Wardens: As with RAs, Flat/Hawker House Wardens are responsible for providing an environment that is safe, welcoming, and conducive to academic excellence. They are a first point of contact for students within their area of responsibility, and a role model for behaviour that is in accordance with the values of the College.

Photo: 2024 Assistant Deans, Residential Advisors, Indigenous Student Advisor and Wardens
Front from left: Anthony Doll, Stuart Meldrum (Dean), Professor Don Markwell AM (Head of College), Sally Cassidy (Director of Wellbeing), Cass Joubert, Gemma Garraway
Middle from left: Riley Herbert, Lara Garin, Emma Mattiske, Charlotte Le Page, Ben Grima, Hamish Napier
Back from left: Ben Ransom, Callum Saville, Sam Purcell, Manon Finch, Natalie Fitzpatrick
Absent: Alice Alexander, Jasper Atkinson, Annie Coffey, Tara Phelps, Liam Phillips, Drew Willie

2024 Academic Team

Senior Academic Tutor (SAT):The SAT assists the Director of Learning to support students in the positive transition from school to university life and provide support to students in all years to ensure academic success and resilience. The SAT assists with coordinating the tutorial program and ensuring all students are aware of and able to access the academic support at the College. The SAT also leads the team of Academic Coordinators and assists with arranging Faculty Dinner events.

Academic Coordinators: The Academic Coordinators support the Director of Learning and the SAT to provide a strong academic program to support all students. The academic support program includes tutorials, Faculty Dinners, guest speakers, mentoring, and career and professional development workshops. For 2022, the six Faculties are: (1) Agriculture, Viticulture, Veterinary and Animal Science; (2) Arts and Education; (3) Business and Law; (4) Engineering, Physical Sciences, Architecture and Aviation; (5) Health & Medical Sciences and Allied Health; and (6) Medicine, Nursing, and Dentistry.

Photo: 2024 Executive Team
Front from left: Cameron Akehurst, Dr Katrina Stats (Director of Learning), Madi Martin
Back from left: Rachael Bird, Dorisa Nasserian, Hamish McKenny
Absent: Anthony Doll, Tara Phelps

Academic - cropped

2024 Other Student Leaders

Library Assistants: The Library Assistants work collaboratively with the Librarian to ensure the effective running of the Academic Centre and Learning Commons, including ensuring students are utilising the Academic Centre and Learning Commons in a respectful and enjoyable manner.

Music Room Curator: The Music Room Curator takes responsibility for the safe and enjoyable use of the music facilities at College, in particular maintaining the Music Room to a high standard.

Gym Curator: The Gym Curator takes responsibility for the safe and enjoyable use of the gym facilities at College.

Lion Editor: The role of the Lion Editors is to produce and edit the annual College magazine, The Lion, the official and public record of the year’s events at St Mark’s. The Lion was first published in 1948. Prior to 1948, College achievements and events had been recorded in the St Mark’s College Record since the College’s founding in 1925.

Student Outreach Officer: The role of the Student Outreach Officer is to assist the Admissions Officer in promoting the College to prospective students, including through on-site tours, promotional events (e.g. Open Days), school visits (both inbound and outbound), career expos, field days and webinars.

Photographer & Social Media Content Creator: The role of the Photographer & Social Media Content Creator (‘Photographer’) is to assist the Event Manager, Admissions Officer, and others in documenting the life of the College and promoting the College through the production of appropriate social media marketing materials.

Film Maker: The role of the Film Maker is to assist the Registrar and others in promoting the College through the production of appropriate video content that showcases College life.

Additional Duty Tutors: The primary function of the Duty Tutor is to conduct regular checks of the College in the evening and on weekends, and to ensure that any incidents are reported to the designated Assistant Dean and logged on the Duty Tutor shift sheet. Students in various leadership positions undertake Duty Tutor responsibilities, and additional Duty Tutors are also appointed.

Photo: 2024 Library Assistants, Student Outreach Officer, Film Maker , Music Room Curator and Gym Curator
Front from left: Oscar Hemmings, Zoe Hughes, Charli Nisbet
Back from left: Daniel Stephens, Georgia Craig-Neal, Cameron Dixon

For the full list of 2024 student leadership appointments, see here.