Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

St Mark’s College is committed to protecting personal information about its past and current residents, as well as those who are or have been a part of the St Mark’s College community. Personal information may include residents’ contact details, academic results, references and any other relevant information obtained by, and stored with, the College.

The College's current Privacy Policy can be found here.

The College complies with the Australian Privacy Principles and will take all reasonable steps to ensure the safe keeping of private information and ensure that information is accurate, up to date and complete. The College collects personal information such as contact details, educational and academic history, medical history, details of immediate family members and information relevant to the resident during and after their residency at St Mark’s College.

In general, the College collects personal information in order to:

  • assess applications – for residency, employment, scholarships, and financial assistance;
  • assist in residency – room allocation, medical assistance, potential interests in cultural activities;
  • provide references;
  • provide information for the alumni database;
  • provide an academic development programme to suit student residents’ needs;
  • assess student residents’ performance or conduct at the College or at University;
  • pay accounts and collect monies pursuant to the Residential Contract.

Your personal information may be disclosed to College Council, Board, Fellows, tutors,  College staff, insurers, auditors and legal advisors of the College, relevant staff of the University and any person who has a lawful entitlement to obtain the information.

The College does not disclose telephone numbers to any callers.

Personal files of current residents are held in the Office in hard copy or electronic form.

Personal information of former residents is kept in the College’s archive and electronically on the alumni database.

You have the right to access your file and, if necessary, to have information corrected or updated. Please contact the College Office on +618 8334 5600 to access this information.

All email correspondence to an individual is sent to the email address provided to the College at the time of application. Should an individual wish to be removed from the College’s direct marketing communications list, they can do so by emailing for immediate removal.

Should you wish to make a complaint about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles, please contact the Head of the College on or on +618 8334 5600, and the matter will be investigated within a reasonable period after the request is made.

Details of personal records will not be disclosed to relatives without the resident’s written permission.