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Careers Support

Careers Directory

The St Mark's Careers Directory is designed to help you understand what opportunities are out there, what doors your current degree will open for you, and how to put together a strong application.

  • You can search for jobs and internships on the basis of the degree that you’re studying – this will enable you to discover a load of opportunities that you probably hadn’t considered, or thought you’d be qualified for.
  • Opportunities are by default ordered by their closing date, so you can quickly see what you need to apply for.
  • If you click on the names of the employers, it gives you access to a load of ‘deep dive’ information: insider reviews by current graduate employees; ‘day in the life’ stories so you get a real sense of what working there is like; info about current opportunities.
  • There’s a ‘Career Advice’ section that you can filter to get content that is useful for where you’re at – e.g. you can filter by ‘Applying’ and then by the industry you’re interested in and this will give you tips on CV writing, interviews, etc. that are most relevant to that sector. 

CVs and Cover Letters

In addition to the links in the ‘Career Advice’ section of the Careers Directory, here are a couple of useful ‘how-to’ guides for putting together CVs and cover letters. 

The top thing to bear in mind with all application material is to think about who will be reading it and what they are after, and gear it accordingly - and keep it clear, succinct, and engaging. 

Virtual Internships

Some companies now offer ‘virtual internships’ - these are a great way of getting experience and insight, and they’ll help your CV stand out from the crowd in future. Here are some examples:

Key Strengths

As you enter the job market, it can be helpful to get a sense of what your key strengths are, and how to talk about those in an interview. One handy tool to enable you to do this is this Character Strengths Survey

Support and Advice

You can access the Careers Services at your University as well - see links as follows (NB some are password protected):

If you’d like any individual support and advice about careers, CVs, cover letters, or interviews, please get in touch with Katrina (Director of Learning) or Rachel (Adviser and Special Projects).