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June 2022: "10th consecutive win, Shearer scholarship to Oxford, Bannon Oration, Betty Lewis, Lumby review, honours, & more"

May 2022: "Strong lead in HTC, a special night, more remarkable women, towards our second century, alumni news, and more"

April 2022: "Invitations, sporting success, 40 St Mark's women, punching above our weight - and more"

January 2022: "Remembering the Rev'd Malcolm McKenzie, third Master of St Mark's College!"

December 2021: "Christmas e-News: 100 years ago today, “a great day for South Australia”, Old Colls cricket, St Mark’s women, and Merry Christmas!"

November 2021: "e-News: New student leaders, expanded student support, 40th anniversary of co-education, Ian & Pamela Wall portrait, Centenary historians, and more"

September 2021: "St Mark’s e-News: nail-biting High Table Cup, expanded wellbeing support, your feedback on ambitious strategy, Premier visits, and more"

August 2021: "St Mark’s e-News: invitations to Old Collegians’ AGM & Drinks, J C Bannon Oration, Open Days, and more"

May 2021: "St Mark's e-News: vibrant student activities, Rose Alwyn portrait, thank you to Ian and Pamela Wall, alumni news, and more"

March 2021: "St Mark’s e-News: strong enrolments, careers focus, honours for Old Collegians"

December 2020: "St Mark's Christmas e-News - major new scholarship, outstanding results, and Merry Christmas!"

November 2020: "An exceptional year of academic and sporting success and community service"

September 2020: "Spring update - High Table Cup, academic results, and more"

May 2020: "Promoting community and giving thanks during the pandemic"

April 2020: "Supporting our students through the pandemic"

December 2019: "St Mark's news and Merry Christmas Greetings"

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Policies and guidelines for members of the St Mark’s community

St Mark’s College is an educational community in which all conduct is expected to be based on respect and consideration for others.

All students are role models in the community and, as such, should be aware of their behaviour at all times.

College students are expected to maintain the highest standards of honesty, integrity and mutual respect in all dealings with the College and to behave in accordance with the St Mark’s College Vision, Values, Code of Conduct, and policies.