St Mark’s College Final Service and Dinner 2019

Celebrating the end of the academic year is always a momentous occasion at St Mark’s College. The St Mark’s College Final Service and Dinner was held on Saturday 26th October 2019 to celebrate our students’ academic, sporting and leadership achievements, announce the student leaders for 2020 and celebrate the students who will soon graduate.

The evening commenced with students, parents, staff and Old Collegians attending the Final Service at St Peter’s Cathedral. The College Chaplin, Reverend Grant Moore, gave a sermon asking us to reflect on the year that had been and issued a call to action to our students to utilise their university learnings and experience to actively engage in helping resolve some of the issues society faces. He said “As Simon Collins says, no institutions play a bigger part in the socio-economic future-proofing of human society than universities. That’s where tomorrow’s scientific breakthroughs are incubated. And who knows what they will be? Their embryonic templates lie buried in you – as yet undiscovered – hidden among the unique talents with which you’ve been blessed.  In the final analysis, your life is God’s precious gift to you. What you do with it, is your gift to the rest of us, to humankind in general, and in the end, to God. ” To read the full sermon, click here.

Following the service, students enjoyed pre-dinner drinks with guests in the Walkley Gardens before entering the Grenfell Price Dining Hall for the Final Dinner.

Final Dinner is always filled with both happy and sad moments, as students reflect on the year and their time at St Mark’s, and as we farewell those who are leaving St Mark’s College. It is also a time for celebration as we acknowledge the outstanding student achievements over the past year.

To commence the night’s proceedings, first-year Bachelor of Environmental Science at University of South Australia student and Wiradjuri woman, Ms Iman Westhead, gave the Acknowledgement of Country, followed by the Acting Head of College, Mr Darren Pitt, providing the Welcome Address.

The 2019 College Club President and fourth-year Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Arts University of Adelaide student, Ms Evette de Jager, welcomed back the previous Master of St Mark’s College, Ms Rose Alwyn, and presented her with a gift from the College Club.

The College Club President-elect for 2020, Mr Nicholas Marzohl, a second-year Bachelor of Psychology student at the University of South Australia, raised a toast to those leaving College saying “Leaving College is a hard thing to do, but to you leavers, I know with the experiences and memories, not to mention the friends and connections you have made here at St Mark’s College, you are ready for anything that gets thrown at you. Leavers, you will always be a part of the St Mark’s College community”.

St Mark's College

Ms Lucinda Bunge, third-year Bachelor of Physiotherapy student at the University of South Australia,  and Mr Mitchell Olive, fourth-year Bachelor of Commerce (International Business) and Bachelor of Business (Corporate Finance) student at the University of Adelaide, provided a passionate leaver’s response,  reminding students that “Once you step through the gates of St Mark’s College on your first day, you are not just a Collegian for your time here, you are a Marksman or a Markswoman for life. The friends and connections you make here in this very short period of your life will stay with you forever. These years are the most formative of your life.  During these years we have learned some valuable lessons about resilience, how to be more independent, successful communication skills, but most importantly, how to be a genuinely good person, which is what all Marksmen and Markswomen are. Never doubt yourselves, Collegians, for we know we are all going places in life, great places.”

St Mark's College

Ms Evette de Jager raised a toast to the College and Dr Areti Metuamate, the Dean of St Mark’s responded on behalf of the College and quoted JK Rowling as he called for students to think about the role they play as leaders in their communities: “If you choose to use your status and influence to raise your voice on behalf of those who have no voice; if you choose to identify not only with the powerful but with the powerless; if you retain the ability to imagine yourself into the lives of those who do not have your advantages, then it will not only be your proud families who celebrate your existence but thousands and millions of people whose reality you have helped transform for the better. We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.”

The celebrations continued as the 2020 student appointed and elected leadership team members were announced, and as the academic, sporting, excellence and leavers awards were presented to students.

Congratulations to all students for the 2019 academic year, a College is little without the contribution and passion of our students. St Mark’s truly is a place you belong for life.

2019 Award Recipients

Collegian’s Prize
Presented by Mr Jack Dowd (alum 2014-2016) on behalf of the Old Collegian’s Association to the student whose contribution to College, their studies, their university, and community are recognised by their peers as being outstanding.

Lucinda Bunge

Service Colours
Awarded by the Dean to students who have given an outstanding contribution to the College.

Taylor Hand
Evette de Jager
Thomas Edney
Renae Feder

Values colours 
Awarded by the Dean to students recognising students who epitomise the Values of the College.

Benjamin Jenner
Nicholette Bakaj
Chelsea Hammond
Bronte Phillips

Academic Colours & Commendations
Ms Kathy Radoslovich, the Director of Learning, Dr Layla Mahdi St Mark’s Scholar in Residence and Dr Jessa Rogers, presented the Academic Colours to the highest achieving student in their year level. Commendations are awarded to exceptional academic achievers.

2019 Overall Academic Colours

Alasdair Leslie

Academic Colours & Commendations

Year  Award Studnet 
4th Year  Colours Callum Kain 
  Commendations Nicholette Bakaj, Benjamin Cmrlec, Alexandra Kenny, Brady Martin
3rd Year  Colours Madeleine Whitehouse
  Commendations Lucinda Bunge, Ella Graham, Molly Healy, Eliza Kennedy
2nd Year Colours Isaac Montefiore
  Commendations Danielle Boniface, Benjamin Joy, Olivia Watt
1st Year Colours Kaitlin Beltakis, Ella Browne, Wren Dreger, Hamish Hill
  Commendations Brodie Carrigan, Niamh Jones, Gemma Nunn, Amelia Youngman

The Sports awards and Colours were presented by the Sports Officers, Ms Renae Feder and Mr Riley Glynn.

Female Athlete of the Year: Isobel McFarlane
Male Athlete of the Year:
Benjamin Pater

Sporting and Arts College Club Colours 

Sport  1st Student 2nd Student 
Tennis Tessa Megaw Hugo Lee
Swimming Erin Roberts James Andrews
Debating Annie Brentnall Mitchell Paull
Netball Maddy Crettenden Benjamin Pater
Hockey Lucinda Bunge Lachlan Clark
Football Erin Roberts Blake Dodson
Volleyball Isobel McFarlane Benjamin Pater
Basketball Bronte Phillips Sean Ambrose
Soccer Jenna Enge Lukas Egger
Table Tennis Tessa Megaw Riley Glynn
Athletics Izzy McFarlane Liam McMaugh
Boat Racing Georgie Kotz Mitchell Olive
Arts Evening Sonny Puglisi  
College Revue Nicola Badran Eliza Kennedy
Fresher of the year Kaidy Morgan Daniel Robson

2019 Graduating Students

Student  Degree 
Ms Nicholette Bakaj B. Science
Mr Harrison Baker            B. GSC
Ms Hannah Bradshaw       B. Arts (Advertising)
Mr Ryan Casey         B. Music (Music Performance –Jazz)
Mr Benjamin Cmrlec          B. Engineering (Mech)(Hons)
Ms Evette de Jager B. Teaching
Mr Thomas Edney        B. Commerce
Ms Sarina Ferguson               B. Laws
Mr Matthew Halligan         B. Arts
Jacob, Mr Mostyn    B. Media Arts (Film, TV & CGI)
Jealous, Mr Peter      B. Agricultural Sciences
Kain, Mr Callum        B. Science
Ms Alexandra Kenny B. Commerce
Mr Billy King                      B. Human Movement
Mr Chad Lennon               B. Health and Medical Sciences
Mr Brady Martin         B. Engineering (Electrical and Electronic) (Hon)
Mr Ryan Morrow B. Health and Medical Sciences
Mr Mitchell Olive B. Commerce
Mr Benjamin Pater     B. Human Movement
Ms Yardley Smeaton           B. Creative Arts (Screen)
Mr Henry To   B. Architectural Design
Mr Andrew Vogelsang B. Economics
Mr Charles Westwell B. Science(Biomedical Science)
Ms Madeleine Whitehouse B. Health Science
Ms Meekah Zangari          B. Physiotherapy
St Mark's College
2020 College Club Committee.

St Mark's College

St Mark's College

St Mark’s College offers many opportunities for students to pursue their passions for sport, art, music or drama. For more information click here.

St Mark’s Scholarships Presentation

At the recent St Mark’s College Semester II Scholarship Ceremony, thirty students were awarded scholarships, grants and prizes. Over $60,000 was awarded to students based on financial need, academic excellence, outstanding ability and/or contribution to the College and the wider community.

The College holds two presentation ceremonies each year, and also an academic prize ceremony, to acknowledge the efforts and impact of our students who are achieving success in their academic, personal and community pursuits.

St Mark’s College is grateful to donors and supporters who help us provide financial assistance to our students, enabling them the opportunity to have an enriched university experience in a supportive living and learning community. 

During his opening address, the Acting Head of College, Mr Darren Pitt said “The purpose of this address, is to unpack the characteristics which we are here to pay tribute to – the aforementioned hard work, service and character – so that we can be sure to focus on why these scholarship awards are so important and worthy of celebration.”

Acting Head of College, Mr Darren Pitt.

When we asked student Chloe, what a scholarship meant to her, she responded “Receiving a scholarship at Mark’s means that I’m able to continue to focus on my studies and experience all that the College has to offer without worrying about the stress of finances while being away from home”.

Jackson Furst, Dr Jessa Rogers and Chloe Southam.

Congratulations to all recipients!

Award Recipient Home Town Degree
The Margaret Beith Scholarship Hamish Hill Geelong, Victoria UA Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences
The Margaret Beith Scholarship Isaac Montefiore Alice Springs, Northern Territory CE Bachelor of Construction Management and Economics 
The P&B Greenland Scholarship Joshua Phillips
Port Lincoln, South Australia
UA Bachelor of Music 
The A R LeMessurier Scholarship Isobel McFarlane Armadale, Victoria UA Bachelor of Medicine/
Bachelor of Surgery
The DL & ME Pank Scholarship Madeleine Taylor Campbell Town, Tasmania UA Bachelor of Health and
Medical Science
The M E Tothill Scholarship Daniel Robson Alice Springs, Northern Territory  UA Bachelor of Engineering in Medical Engineering/Bachelor of Finance
The Harold Fisher Scholarship Chad Lennon Alice Springs, Northern Territory  UA Bachelor of Health Sciences
The M & H Scott Scholarship Chelsea Hammond Bordertown, South Australia  UA The Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences
The Alfred Lendon Memorial Trust Scholarship Ashlee Nichol Castlemaine, Victoria  UA Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery
The Programmed Scholarship Finn McGown Port Lincoln, South Australia  UA Bachelor of Engineering in Civil and Architectural Engineering
The Craig Grocke Industry Research & Design Grant Jacob Graham Irymple, Victoria UA Bachelor of Architectural studies
The John M Boully Scholarship Jackson Furst Redbanks, South Australia  UA Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery
The John M Boully Scholarship Lukas Egger Hamilton, South Australia  UA Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery
The Lewis Scholarship Evette DeJager Mount Barker, South Australia  UA Bachelor of teaching/Bachelor of Arts
The Lewis Scholarship Thomas Edney Hawthorne, Victoria UA Bachelor of Commerce 
The Lewis Scholarship Renae Feder Lillimur, Victoria  Fl Bachelor of Education (Secondary) /Bachelor of Health Sciences
The Sholto Douglas Scholarship Danielle Boniface Pymble, New South Whales UA Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery 
The Sholto Douglas Scholarship Annabel Brentnall Mosman, New South Whales UA Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery 
The Sir Ronald Fisher Medal Callum Kain Mt Gambier, South Australia UA Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Science 
The Sir Ronald Fisher Scholarship Callum Peck Adelaide, South Australia UA Bachelor of Health and Medical Science 
The Jeremy & Timothy Pascoe Scholarship Riley Glynn Mount Gambier, South Australia  UA Bachelor of Psychological Science
The Lorna Bourne Award Ruby Chant Merbein West, Victoria  CE Bachelor of Nursing
The Don Laidlaw Prize Lacey Burston Mount Gambier, South Australia  UA Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering
The Don Laidlaw Prize Benjamin Jenner Mount Gambier, South Australia  UA Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
The Women of St Mark’s Scholarship Nyah Bester Hamilton, Victoria  CE Bachelor of Pharmacy
The Women of St Mark’s Scholarship Elsie Figl Port Lincoln, South Australia  CE Bachelor of Pharmacy
The Sir Keith Angas Essay Prize Lacey Burston Mount Gambier, South Australia  UA Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering
The Studd Bursary Chloe Southam Alice Springs, Northern Territory  UA Bachelor of Nursing
The Gavin Walkley Scholarship Nicholas Marzhol Alice Springs, Northern Territory  MG Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honors)
The Archie McArthur Scholarship Daniel Robson Alice Springs, Northern Territory  UA Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering/Bachelor of Finance

Ashlee Nichol, James Wells.

Finn McGown, Chris Quinn.

Dr Angela Evans, Renae Feder, Thomas Edney, Evette deJager.

Isobel McFarlane, Lukas Egger, Dr John Boully, Callum Peck, Ashlee Nichol.

Jackson Furst, Chloe Southam, Isobel McFarlane, Danielle Boniface, Annabelle Brentnall.

Angas Twopenny, Benjamin Jenner.

Thomas Edney, Riley Glynn.

Crichton Burton, Dr Angela Evans, Elsie Figl, Nyah Bester.

St Mark’s does its best to ensure financial need is not a barrier to gaining the residential college experience. Further information on scholarships can be found here