Happy return of 50+ year reunion lunch

The annual reunion lunch for those in the College 50 or more years ago and their partners has returned after a break due to the pandemic – with a large number of Collegians and partners recently enjoying a superb lunch and sharing many happy memories.

In an amusing and inspiring speech proposing the toast to the College, the Hon. Bruce Debelle AO KC (St Mark’s 1957-60) highlighted the centenary of landmark events leading up to the opening of the College in March 1925, and some of the great traditions that have developed since, including traditions of tolerance, of academic excellence, and of winning the High Table Cup.

In responding to the toast, the Head of College, Professor Don Markwell, assured everyone that these traditions remained very much alive. In providing a lively report on the College today, he said that he believed the College today did live up to the vision and values of the founders, such as Sir Archibald Grenfell Price, of whom Bruce Debelle had spoken.

Bruce expressed to Dr Pamela Wall OAM the sympathy of all on the recent passing of her husband, Dr Ian Wall AM (St Mark’s 1950-54), saying that Ian “was so dearly loved by all at St Mark’s”. He also paid tribute to the great generosity of Mr Antony Simpson (St Mark’s 1958-62), whose endowment of a major new scholarship had recently been announced.

Professor Markwell thanked Bruce Debelle for his splendid speech, his service to the College, and his service to the wider community – an embodiment, Professor Markwell said, of the founders’ emphasis on service, which Sir Archibald Grenfell Price had spoken of as the application of “the trained academic mind” to the service of others.

Professor Markwell presented the many Old Collegians who were attending their first 50+ year reunion lunch with a College pin, and warmly welcomed them and their partners, along with the partners of several Old Collegians who have passed away, and many other Old Collegians and partners.

All agreed it was a very happy and memorable occasion, and we look forward enthusiastically to next year’s 50+ year reunion lunch!

Photos by Kathy Radoslovich