Congratulations Ben Hulett, Ingenuity Award recipient

Ben Hulett award

Ingenuity: The quality of being clever, original, and inventive.”  Oxford Dictionary


Congratulations Ben Hulett (alum 2013-2016) who was recently awarded “Best Sustainable Energy Engineering Project” at Ingenuity 2016 in The University of Adelaide Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences Honours Project Exhibition.

“At The University of Adelaide, Ingenuity celebrates tomorrow’s game-changers; the men and women who will shape the world’s technical, social and commercial future.”

Working with two other Mechanical Engineering Honours students, Ben’s team worked to optimise the geometry of point absorber wave energy converters by creating computational models of the technology and running CFD simulation tests on them. Having worked collaboratively with the university’s PhD wave energy research group their models and results were validated by carrying out small scale experiments on 3D printed buoys in the university’s wave flume.

Congratulations to Ben and his team for achieving this great award!

Ben joins a growing list of St Mark’s students and alumni who have showcased their projects and been recognised for their achievements at the annual Ingenuity event.