Generous donors help students hit hard by pandemic job losses

Generous donors have so far donated over $42,000 to the Student Support Fund which the College has created to help students adversely affected by the pandemic.

Many students have lost casual jobs (such as in hospitality or retail) on which they depended to cover their College fees and other living expenses, and many families have been hit by parents losing their jobs or other income. It appears likely that many of these jobs will not return quickly, or in some cases at all.

Since the Student Support Fund was created, and funds allocated after careful assessment of applicants’ financial positions, many members of the College community have stepped forward to help out.

Donors include parents and grandparents of other students, alumni (including recent alumni), and friends and staff of the College. We are extremely grateful to them all, and invite you to join them in helping our students through donating to the Student Support Fund. There’s more information about the Fund here, and you can give  here.

Students already helped by the Fund have written heart-warming messages of thanks, and have committed to community service within or outside the College. For example, amongst other community service, some have been helping older or at-risk members of our local or alumni communities with tasks, such as shopping or gardening, which would be harder or impossible for them during the pandemic.

Amongst many other messages of thanks written by students – many quoted here  – are these examples of the difference that support from the Fund is making:

“Due to the coronavirus pandemic, my father has lost his job and my mother has had her hours cut back, hence my family also expresses their immense appreciation of your generosity to help us through these financially tough times.  This support fund also helped me with peace of mind to approach my studies to the best of my ability, without the financial stress.”

”I have been very fortunate that with the support of the grant, I have been able to stay at College despite losing my part-time job.”

“I’m writing to express my utmost gratitude and appreciation for financial support during this uncertain time. It’s an understatement to say that, without this invaluable support, I would not have been able to continue my studies at the level I have. For that, I am very thankful.”

“Due to recent global circumstances and as I do not currently hold a job, this truly makes the difference between finding another place to live and staying with college and my friends.  The grant is of great help to both me and my family in these trying times.”

One student wrote:

“To whom it may concern, 

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for the contributions made to the student support fund here at St Mark’s College. Currently I am a third year student at St Mark’s and I very much appreciate the support provided by the college and its donors during these times.  

In my time here at the college over the past three years I have learnt many things and one of those things is the college community extends far beyond the four walls we live in. Coming to Adelaide from regional Victoria, I did not have a support network in Adelaide. Now in 2020, I have discovered the college community and its support network is stronger than ever. It is reassuring to know that the wider St Mark’s community is willing to come together to support each other. 

Recently as part of the college’s actions to combat COVID-19, I received some financial relief provided from the student support fund, which I can honestly say I would not know what to do without. Words cannot describe my appreciation of the support this college has provided to me and others over the years. 

People often speak about paying it forward and the impact even a small random act of kindness can have on someone’s life. In my experience it has definitely helped me through some tough times and I will be forever grateful. The college community is second to none, I hope that it grows and develops to support students like me in the years to come. 

Kind regards…”

Can you help?

You can support our students now through the Giving page.

There’s information about positive activities in College during the pandemic here , and other details of the College’s response to the pandemic on the News pages of this website.

THANK YOU for your generosity to our students in need!