Congratulations on winning the High Table Cup!

Many congratulations to all the St Mark’s teams whose efforts this year have contributed to the College winning the Douglas-Irving Cup, also known as the High Table Cup.

The results throughout the year were:

Tennis – 1st
Swimming – 1st
Women’s Netball – 2nd
Men’s Netball – 3rd
Debating – 2nd
Women’s Football – 2nd
Men’s Football – 3rd
Women’s Hockey – 3rd
Men’s Hockey – 1st
Women’s Basketball – 1st
Men’s Basketball – 4th
Volleyball – 2nd
Women’s Soccer – 1st
Men’s Soccer – 3rd
Table Tennis – 1st
Athletics – 2nd (equal)

A great effort by all our teams!

Many thanks to the coaches, captains, and officials, and to our Sports Officers – and to all the spectators who helped to cheer our teams along.

Photos by Emerson Fielke, Amelie Beltakis and others