Congratulations to our 2023 prize winners!

At the College’s recent 2023 Final Dinner, outstanding achievements and contributions of many students – academic, sporting, artistic, community service, and other – were recognized with awards.

Amongst the awards presented, the Collegians’ Prize was awarded jointly to Ben McCure (2023 College Club President) and Oliver Douglas (2022 Vice-President and Rhodes Scholar-elect for South Australia for 2024). The Lilias Needham Medal for Service was awarded to Chi Ho Yip, a mature-age student from Hong Kong who has given outstanding selfless service within the College.

Taking advantage of Adelaide’s balmy spring weather, the Final Dinner was held on the College tennis courts, and followed our annual Final Service at St Peter’s Cathedral, marking the end of the 2023 academic year.

Final Service

On the afternoon of Saturday 28 October, students and staff gathered at the front gates for the traditional procession to St Peter’s Cathedral, with second-year student Joe Clyde bagpiping the congregation down Pennington Terrace. Proceeding into the Cathedral, they joined a sizeable group of Old Collegians and friends of the College for our Final Service, led by the Rev’d Sally Sandford-Morgan, Assistant Priest at the Cathedral.

College values were a key theme in the Final Service. Rev’d Sally Sandford-Morgan and Professor Don Markwell AM both reflected on the Living Document of Values, which was initiated and written by our 2023 student leadership team, and which all of our students signed a pledge to uphold.

In his Address, the Head of College also called on students to think about the memories they will hold dear from the year that has been. Echoing the lyrics of Aerosmith’s I don’t want to miss a thing, a song much loved by Collegians past and present, Professor Markwell said:

I wonder what the moments are that you treasure. I suspect that very many of them relate to friendships – friendships formed living together in College, socialising together, eating meals together, playing sport together, studying together, procrastinating about study together, taking part in other activities together including maybe Arts Evenings or Battle of the Bands or Marksenfest or Charitable activities, or simply hanging out together…

Today and tonight, we look back with pride and heartfelt emotion on the achievements of 2023 and indeed on the achievements of every student throughout their time at St Mark’s, and we treasure every moment together. And we also look ahead with optimism, including to celebrating the first 100 years of the College we love.

You can read Professor Markwell’s full address here.

During the Service, we were again delighted to enjoy the musical talents of many of our students. The College Choir performed the College hymn, Lord, in thy mercy, hear our praise, accompanied by the Cathedral Organist, David Heah. Gracie Rowland and Sadie Fuss sang Daughter of a King by Trailer Flowers, and were accompanied by Bianca Feher on guitar. Our final student performance was Psalm 23 (The Lord’s My Shepherd), sung by Bianca Feher, accompanied by Luke MacKay on piano.

After the service, guests joined students and staff for refreshments in the College rose garden.

Final Dinner and awards presentation

That evening, the College celebrated the end of the academic year at our annual Final Dinner on the tennis courts.

At the dinner we acknowledged the many and varied achievements of so many of our students this year. Some of the College’s most significant prizes awarded include Academic Colours and Commendations, the Lilias Needham Medal for Service, and the Collegians’ Prize. Other highlights included celebrating our graduating students, farewelling students leaving at the end of the academic year, the awarding of Club Colours and Awards, and recognition of service by senior student leaders.

A full list of prizes and award recipients is provided below.

During the dinner, the College Club President-elect, Eloise Montefiore, proposed a toast to the Leavers. Senior students Jonty Pretorius and Sinéad Sidhu gave a heartfelt reply on behalf of the Leavers, reflecting on what their time at St Mark’s had meant to them. The 2023 College Club President, Ben McCure, then addressed his peers for the final time in this role, proposing a toast to the College.

It was a truly glittering evening, and a fitting end to another successful year of College life.

About the Lilias Needham Medal for Service

Mrs Lilias Needham, who died in 1975, was the sister of one of the founders of the College, Charles Hawker. Charles Hawker was a South Australian pastoralist and member of federal parliament, who was strongly committed to our founders’ ideal of community service. He might well have become Prime Minister had he not been killed in a plane crash in 1938.

In his memory, Lilias Needham not only endowed the Hawker Scholarships, but was extremely generous to St Mark’s, including helping to make it possible for the College to purchase Hawker House. But she was insistent that there be no public recognition of her generosity to the College in her lifetime. It was only after her death that the College was able to acknowledge all she had done. Lilias Needham is an example of selfless service.

In that spirit, the Lilias Needham Medal for Service is awarded to a student who has given an outstanding example of selfless service – acting in a generous spirit for the good of others rather than for their own glory.

In 2023, the Lilias Needham Medal was awarded to Chi Ho Yip.

From Hong Kong, Chi Ho is studying a Master of Accounting and Finance at the University of Adelaide, and is in his second year at St Mark’s. He is a student who has not sought or held a formal leadership role, but who has in all sorts of ways, most of them quiet or even invisible, acted to help his fellow students. He has mentored several students, including helping them with professional experience; provided many students with academic support; organised mini-projects for groups of interested students; and led the clean-up of the JCR earlier this year. He instigated the Speaking from Experience series, in which he was a thoughtful and generous speaker. He has been a very positive influence on our community in many quiet and selfless ways.

Many congratulations, Chi Ho, and thank you again for your selfless service!

About the Collegians’ Prize

The Collegians’ Prize is awarded to a member of the College who has made a significant contribution across a range of areas over their years at St Mark’s, whilst also embodying and showcasing the College’s values. These areas include academic excellence, their contribution to the College through service, and their contributions to their university and the wider community.

All students are invited to make nominations for the Collegians’ Prize.  Being nominated for this prestigious award is an honour in itself. The selection of the awardee/s follows a rigorous selection process involving student leaders and staff.

In 2023, the Collegians’ Prize was awarded jointly to Ben McCure (2023 College Club President) and Oliver Douglas (2022 College Club Vice-President and Rhodes Scholar-elect for South Australia for 2024).

The awardees were announced by the President of the Old Collegians’ Association, Mr Riley Glynn, and the awards presented by last year’s winner, Ms Eliza Lee.

Many congratulations to Ben and Oliver!

List of 2023 Final Dinner Prize and Award Recipients

2023 High Table Cup Winning Teams

  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Women’s Basketball
  • Women’s Netball
  • Women’s Football
  • Athletics

Club Colours and Awards

Club Colours and Awards are awarded by the College Club Committee. Colours are awarded to the “best and fairest” contributor to different areas of College life. The First-Year Student of the Year is awarded to a new student who the College Club Committee felt had best embodied the values of the College.

Tennis Colours
Laura McIntyre
Patrick Douglas

Swimming Colours
Eloise Wills
Ben Grima

Netball Colours
Emily Thompson
Nick Schofield

Debating Colours
Luke MacKay

Football Colours
Georgie Pater
Nick Schofield

Hockey Colours
Charlotte Le Page
Riley Herbert

Basketball Colours
Sarah Nulty
Olly Sellen

Volleyball Colours
Tori Lowe
Callum Saville

Soccer Colours
Maddie Dodds
Jorge Anastasiou

Table Tennis Colours
Manon Finch
Patrick Douglas

Athletics Colours
Lucy Cole
Jean-Philippe Soulie

Arts Evenings Colours
Jamison Nokes
Bianca Feher

College Revue Colours
Jolie Crowhurst
Jack Monaco

Male and Female Athletes of the Year
Tori Lowe
Nick Schofield

First-Year Student of the Year
Jed Thiel

Academic Prizes

1st Year Academic Commendations
In recognition of outstanding academic achievement in 2023

Robyn Coles
Cameron Dixon
Luke MacKay
Dean Macri
William McConnel
Zachary Meakin
Zoe Raynes
Nathan Rokebrand
Madalyn Toet
Eloise Wills

2nd Year Academic Commendations
In recognition of sustained outstanding academic achievement

Harriet Ellis
Sophie Gale
Georgina Orchard

2nd Year Academic Colours 
Awarded to the highest achieving 2nd year student, considering their academic achievement over the duration of their time at St Mark’s

Ruby Ford
Mackenzie Walter

3rd Year Academic Commendations
In recognition of sustained outstanding academic achievement

Oliver Leslie
Darcy Lillecrapp
Corey Smith
Jack Stimson
Rithysak Yous

3rd Year Academic Colours 
Awarded to the highest achieving 3rd year student, considering their academic achievement over the duration of their time at St Mark’s

Oscar Hemmings

4th Year Academic Commendations
In recognition of sustained outstanding academic achievement

Ella Browne

4th Year Academic Colours 
Awarded to the highest achieving 4th year student, considering their academic achievement over the duration of their time at St Mark’s

Oliver Douglas

Sir Keith Angas Essay Prize

This prestigious prize, which was established in 1962 thanks to a generous endowment by Sir Keith Angas, a former Chair of the College Council and Honorary Fellow of the College, is awarded for an essay written by a member of the College on a topic of general or contemporary interest.

For his excellent essay entitled, “A democracy sausage, but only the bread: Illiberal democracy in the global theatre and how governments can fight it”, the 2023 Sir Keith Angas Essay Prize was awarded for the second year in a row to Oscar Hemmings.

Students Graduating in 2023

Liam Bastian, Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences
Lucy Cole, Bachelor of Human Movement
Lilli De Nardi, Bachelor of Music Theatre
Oliver Douglas, Honours in History and Rhodes Scholarship
Cooper Ferguson, Bachelor of Science
Emerson Fielke, Bachelor of Design (Communication Design)
Sadie Fuss, Bachelor of Nursing
Callum Guidera, Bachelor of Psychological Science
Oscar Hemmings, Bachelor of Science
Gabrielle Hodges, Bachelor of Human Nutrition
Jord Howard, Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) (Honours)
Clare Jenkin, Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences
Cass Joubert, Bachelor of Business (Digital Marketing & Communications)
Luke Marcus, Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) with Bachelor of Arts
Mia McEachern, Bachelor of Film and Television
Georgie Pater, Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences
Kara Phillips, Bachelor of Secondary Education
Gracie Rowland, Bachelor of Music Theatre
Josh Rummell, Bachelor of Mathematical Science (Advanced)
Mia Soebardi, Bachelor of Psychological Science
Jack Stimson, Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences
Courtney Vonk, Bachelor of Psychology
Harry Yous, Bachelor of Laws

Acknowledgement of Service by Senior Student Leaders

Senior Academic Tutor – Jord Howard
Senior Residential Advisor – Miah Sherry
Assistant Dean – Cameron Akehurst
Assistant Dean – Ella Browne

Lilias Needham Medal for Service

Chi Ho Yip

Collegians’ Prize

Oliver Douglas
Ben McCure

Lead image: 2023 Graduating Students

Photo credit: Amelie Beltakis and Phil Radoslovich