COVID-19 Pandemic Student Support Fund – first round

Applications due by: Thursday 26 March 2020, 4pm

St Mark’s College students whose financial circumstances have been significantly adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic (e.g. through losing casual employment, or through parents losing their jobs) are invited to apply for financial support from the College.

The College has reallocated a substantial sum of money which will be used for student support on the basis of demonstrated financial need arising through the current pandemic.

It is envisaged that these student support payments will be made as equal monthly instalments, through to October 2020, towards meeting the student’s College fee liability, though wherever necessary and possible, individual arrangements will be made.

A student receiving support in this way is expected to commit to a reasonable amount of community service in areas such a phone-a-thon to ask alumni to update their details, work in the grounds, or Hall or elsewhere, or other community service.

Applications on the form provided should be received by the Registrar, Ms Kathy Radoslovich, in the College office by 4pm on Thursday 26 March 2020. Applications may be in hard copy or emailed to Ms Kathy Radoslovich.

Allocations of student support funds will be made as soon as practical after 26 March. It is essential to provide the fullest possible details to enable swift allocations. All applications will be treated as strictly confidential.

It is expected that there will be one or more further round/s of applications for support, depending on emerging circumstances.

The College will be seeking support from alumni and friends of the College to enable further support for students in need, and will be immensely grateful for their support.