St Mark’s College Reunion 1996-2000

What a fantastic night! Over 20 Old Collegians and their partners joined us on Saturday for the 1996-2000 St Mark’s College Reunion.

The Dean, Dr Areti (Ari) Metuamate welcomed Collegians back to St Mark’s who were students during 1996-2000. Throughout the evening, Collegians shared fond memories of their time at St Mark’s and their exciting lives and extensive career experiences since leaving College.

Former President of the College Club in 2000, Dr Matthew Little (1998-2001) said grace to commence the evening’s proceedings. Following, Dr Matthew Hunt (1997-1999) shared fond memories about his days at St Mark’s, praised the College as a supportive community to live in and proposed a toast to the College.

St Mark’s Residential College Welcomes Old Collegians from 1996-2000 to Reunite for Dinner.
Dr Matthew Hunt

In response to the toast, the Dean spoke about various aspects of current College life, including the academic acumen and cohesiveness of the student community. He shared information about the recent developments of our Indigenous student program and outlined the building work completed earlier this year. This included the opening of the Learning Commons, the new study and event space above the Dining Hall that would not have been possible without the support and benefaction of our broader St Mark’s College community.

St Mark’s Senior Academic Tutor, Alexandra Kenny, attended the dinner to share her experiences of College life and enjoyed connecting with the Old Collegians. The passion displayed by the Collegians was evident in the way they spoke about their time here, the friends they had made and the exciting opportunities they pursued in the years following.

Thank you to all those that attended the 1996-2000 St Mark’s College Reunion and for creating a warm and interconnected evening. Reunions are a powerful way to reconnect with past friends as well as make professional contacts through the Old Collegian’s network.

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