Celebrating Mid-Year Academic Success

The inaugural Mid-Year Academic Awards were recently presented to St Mark’s students to recognise outstanding academic results in the first semester.

Students who achieved High Distinction grades were invited to the Awards Ceremony to celebrate their outstanding commitment to their studies and developing a superior understanding of the subject material.

Those who achieved multiple High Distinction grades were awarded a Commendation or Special Commendation in recognition of their level of academic excellence by the Dean and Master of St Mark’s respectively.

Whilst recognising students for their achievements the Director of Learning, Ashley Files shared that “… although study is often a solitary pursuit, every student of this College is part of a single collective of students. Largely, you are in the same boat together. Largely, you share the same experiences and the same ambitions. You can therefore do each other a great service, by supporting each other in your shared experiences and endeavours.”

Ashley Files, Director of Learning

The semester one results across the College demonstrate a strong commitment by students to their studies and achieving academic success. We congratulate all those who achieved such outstanding academic results in the first semester including the list of award recipients below.

Commendations (presented by The Dean, Ms Raphaela Oest)

Hannah Bradshaw
Ebony Brouwers
Ryan Burley
Andrew Casey
Aaron Cunningham
Clare Dixon
Amelia Gibson
Benjamin Heaslip
Peter Jealous
Callum Kain
Alexandra Kay
Ryan Morrow
Niamh Rees
Ella Roberts
Hamish Storey
Erin Widdison

Special Commendations (presented by The Master, Ms Rose Alwyn)
Connor Bakaj
Lucy Bunge
Julia Cooney
Angus Gebhardt
Neha Kasture
Lachlan Kelly
Eliza Kennedy
Alasdair Leslie
Alexander Makarowsky
Lucas Tang
Baillie Trenwith
Madeleine Whitehouse

Hamish Storey, The Master Rose Alwyn, Julia Cooney and Bree Turley
Maddie Whitehouse, Tegan Griffiths, Baillie Trenwtih and Jemima Staude
Mitch Jones, Henry Hole, Patrick Bawden and Neha Kasture