Healthy Minds for our community

When our students are psychologically healthy, everybody benefits.

A group of Mentors, Residential Advisors and Committee members are mid-way through a 30-day well-being challenge following a Healthy Minds workshop by Dr Tom Nehmy. The workshop, based on award-winning Australian research into the prevention of psychological difficulties, provided students with the essential tools to operate at their best to increase their own effectiveness and strengthen their ability to support other students within our community.

The Healthy Minds Well-being Program aims to;
– Improve mental health by building the skills and behaviours that cause mental health
– Support healthy achievement striving while reducing the unhelpful perfectionism that impedes achievement and increases risk for depression and anxiety
– Stress management strategies that help participants identify and maintain a ‘peak performance zone’, without catastrophising daily stress or trying to remove stress altogether
– Teach the specific cognitive and behavioural skills of emotional self-management
– Increase self-compassion, which is a broad protective factor and is now recognised as more important than self-esteem
– Facilitate the cultivation of gratitude, to improve mood, sleep and contentment
– Provide Mentors and Residential Advisors with a clear understanding of how to proactively audit, monitor and enhance their overall well-being.

The benefits are tangible and have generated enthusiastic discussion as students check in with each other as they complete the daily challenges. More information about the program can be found on the Healthy Minds Program website.