Over $100k awarded in scholarships

The semester II scholarship ceremony was to recognise and reward the contributions and successes of our students also saw the presentation of two new scholarships. A total of $103,000 was awarded to 39 students in the third scholarship round of the year, with a total of 45% of all College students receiving a scholarship or prize in 2017 to support their studies and accommodation costs.

The Harron Scholarship was endowed by Mr Trent Harron (St Mark’s alumnus 2005 – 2007) who was particularly active in the arts and debating during his time at College, and College Club Treasurer in 2006. Trent is supporting St Mark’s students who render service in the Australian Defence Force whilst studying at University. The recipient is Ms Holly Crothers who is in her second year studying a Bachelor of International Studies at the University of Adelaide and is an Officer Cadet in the ADF.

The second inaugural scholarship, awarded to Ms Chervil Lee in her first year of a Bachelor of Architectural Studies at the University of South Australia, is the Grocke Industry Research and Design Grant. Endowed by Mr Craig Grocke (St Mark’s alumnus 1989 – 1991), the Grant provides financial assistance to a St Mark’s student to support the cost of design materials, research or study tour as part of their course of study or academic research in Architecture, Urban Design, Urban and Regional Planning, Interior Design, Industrial Design or Landscape Architecture. On presentation of the Grant, the Master said, “this scholarship was set up to inspire and enable students to seize opportunities to stretch themselves further by providing financial assistance”.

The 2017 Lewis Scholarship recipients were Ms Jessica Robinson, Ms Mary Seagrim and Mr Ben Massey, all of whom have contributed significantly to the College. In presenting the awards, the Master said, “it is particularly fitting that the scholarship that Bob and Betty Lewis endowed continues beyond their physical influence in the College, which extends to three generations of South Australia’s leaders.” Mary has been the 2017 President of the College Club and maintained strong academic results whilst leading her Committee through a successful year. She will soon hand over the reins to Ben Massey as incoming President. Ben has performed at state level for hockey and was the 2016 Sports Secretary and 2017 General Committee (Sponsorships Officer). Jess has demonstrated the hallmarks of a leader, supporting all students and activities and holding the position of 2017 Lion Editor and Marksenfeast Art Show Curator.

On behalf of the recipients, the Master thanked donors, some of whom were able to attend on the night, for their generosity and ongoing support of St Mark’s students. Scholarships can change lives and Mr Harron’s reflection was testament to this. Our students are grateful for the opportunities to attend College and involve themselves in the academic, sporting, cultural and social aspects of a St Mark’s education.

Congratulations to all students who were awarded scholarships and prizes in 2017.

Mr Trent Harron recalls how a scholarship changed his life and how this impact has encouraged him to endow a scholarship for a student who is rendering service in the Australian Defence Force.
Alex Makarowsky, Callum Kain, Ally Kenny, Brayden Jenke, Ben Massey, Patrick Glynn and Fraser White



Alumni Scholarships Cassandra Glover
Mary Williams
Baillie Trenwith
Hana Learihan
Riley Densley
Mitch Olive
Duncan Cameron
Bella Oberer
Kade Lonergan
Lachlan Kelly
Kate Jenkins
Alex Kay
Niamh Rees
Sophie Carles
Patrick Glynn
The Margaret Beith Scholarship Erin Widdison
Chad Lennon
Callum Kain
The Margaret Tothill Scholarship Sarah Hayman
The Harold Fisher Scholarship Ryan Morrow
The Lewis Scholarship Mary Seagrim
Jessica Robinson
Ben Massey
The Don Laidlaw Prize Brayden Jenke
Ally Kenny
The Jeremy and Timothy Pascoe Scholarship Alex Makarowsky
The Lendon Scholarship Alasdair Leslie
The LeMessurier Scholarship Hamish Storey
The Programmed Scholarship Fraser White
The Gavin Walkley Scholarship Lachlan McLeod
The Sir Ronald Fisher Medal Ryan Burley
J M Boully Scholarship Claire McClintock
DL & ME Pank Scholarship

Kardinia Caputo
Meekah Zangari

The Women of St Mark’s Scholarship Romina Gilardi
The Sholto Douglas Memorial Scholarship Carmelo Macri
The P & B Greenland Scholarship Ryan Casey
The Harron Scholarship Holly Crothers
The Grocke Industry Research and Design Grant Chang Lee
Sir Keith Angas Essay Prize Alex Makarowsky


Brayden Jenke and Ally Kenny, recipients of the Don Laidlaw Prize presented by the Master
Jessica Robinson, Ben Massey (2018 College Club President) and Mary Seagrim (2017 College Club President) with the Chairman, Mr Richard Burchnall
Ryan Morrow, Sophie Carles, Alex Kay and Ryan Burley
Hamish Storey and Jessica Robinson
The Chairman, Richard Burchnall with Emma and Trent Harron and Mary Seagrim
Morgan Goss, Holly Crothers, Romina Gilardi and Liam Hay