Welcome to St Mark’s!

Welcome Week 2019 provided an opportunity for new students, their parents and families to be welcomed into the St Mark’s family. The week-long programme had been designed to support new students in their transition to university by ensuring they received the best possible welcome to the academic year and their new home. This programme included the welcome BBQ for new students and families, the Opening Service, all student photo and Commencement Dinner which saw our students dress up in their best attire for their first formal dinner together as a community.

We also engaged a number of leading presenters to assist us with running an extensive training programme. Students had sessions on the following topics:

– Bystander intervention and respect: MATE

– Looking after your mates: Red Frogs

– Healthy Relationships: In Your Skin

– Consent and respectful relationships: Yarrow Place

– Know your limits: Alcohol and Drug Education Specialists

– Mental Health: Healthy Minds and Headspace

– University 101 “how to succeed”

Feedback collated from our students says that there were many valuable sessions throughout the week and students feel as though they were supported to settle in to College and to Adelaide and be prepared for their university journey ahead.

“I found the healthy minds workshop invaluable as it differed from others that I have heard before. Rather than simply speaking about mental health, this workshop provided viable and achievable coping strategies and methods that can be implemented in order to maintain a healthy mental state. I was able to learn how to deal with my obsessiveness and understand the importance of not trying to make everything perfect all the time, which has already proved beneficial during my first weeks as a uni student”. First Year Female Student

“MATE bystander was definitely the most interesting session of the week. It was really engaging and made everyone more aware to be active in supporting others and helping people make sensible decisions as well as looking out for your mates”. First Year Male Student

“I think the drugs and alcohol session was the most useful as it really did make you realise the effects of alcohol. Many people think they know but we probably didn’t know the full effects”. First Year Female Student

In addition to our more formal programme of training, the College Club Committee ran a number of social, sporting and cultural events which we have had hugely positive feedback about.

From a comedy night on the tennis courts, a trip to local cafes and bars, the Amazing Race around Adelaide, through to a river cruise and College party, the Committee made a stellar effort in ensuring new (and returning) students experienced a Welcome Week to remember!

Check out our videos on social media to hear more from our students about their Welcome Week experience.


Uncle Rod O’Brien gives a Welcome to Country at the parents and friends welcome BBQ. He is accompanied by senior staff and student leaders.
The College Club Committee provides an introduction to their roles at the opening briefing.
Dr Tessa Opie ran a total of seven workshops for students on sex positivity and respectful relations.
Parents joined in the training program, attending a Healthy Minds workshop and parent Q&A session with past and current parents.
Michael O’Donoghue from Australian Drug and Alcohol Education Specialists presents to students on drugs, alcohol and wellbeing.
Headspace Ambassadors spoke with students about mental health strategies and supporting your mates.
Michael Jeh presented to students the MATE bystander workshops.
Our good friends from Red Frogs were at events during the week. Here Tom Stott speaks with first year students about the work of Red Frogs and safe partying strategies.
All students had tours of College with senior students, learning about different activities to get involved with. All first year students have a senior mentor who accompanied them to their university campus to show them the ropes and shared top tips for study.
Returning students were excited to meet the new students on Welcome Day.
We welcomed many new and returning parents for a new academic year.