Training begins for 2021 student leaders

Today marked the start of our 2021 leadership training program, with a two-day program for students applying for leadership positions for next year. Once selected, student leaders will engage in future intensive training programs before commencing their roles next year.

Beginning with a session by the MATE Bystander program, this two-day intensive includes sessions on values-driven leadership, promoting positive mental health in yourself and peers, leading cultural change, alcohol and drug awareness, event planning and risk management, and leadership in action.

One of the great advantages of living at St Mark’s is the leadership training and experience our students gain. Accountable student leaders, working in partnership with College staff, play a crucial role in establishing a healthy, respectful, inclusive and welcoming culture.

Student leadership positions provide students with unique challenges and opportunities to develop their skills in communication, resilience, risk management, event planning and pastoral care while gaining confidence to act proactively as leaders among their peers.

The residential team of student leaders, working with the Dean and led by the Assistant Deans, incorporates the Residential Advisors, Indigenous Student Advisor, building wardens and Duty Tutors. This team provides day-to-day wellbeing support to their peers. They are a student’s first point of contact for a wide range of wellbeing issues and ensure that support is available to students 24/7. These senior students are appointed by the College for their maturity, compassion and reliability.

The academic team, working with the Director of Learning and led by the Senior Academic Tutor, incorporates the Academic Coordinators and 60+ academic tutors, and works to provide a stimulating and exciting academic and professional development program. Their aim is to ensure each student gets access to support that will help them achieve their best possible academic results, while also having opportunities to expand their minds, develop professional skills and networks, and embrace a love of life-long learning. Members of this team are appointed for both their academic prowess and their commitment to supporting the learning of others.

Elected student representatives serve their peers as members of the College Club Committee and the student Charitable Foundation. Working in partnership with the residential and academic teams and staff, these students work to promote a culture of respect and inclusion that aligns with the core values to the College. As part of this, they are responsible for coordinating a wide range of sporting, cultural, wellbeing, social, environmental, and charitable activities that promote a spirit of friendship, service and excellence among their peers.

Following a competitive selection process, Ashlee Nicholl and Kate Beltakis have been appointed as Assistant Deans for 2021. Elections for the College Club Committee for next year will take place on 13 October, and students will be appointed by the College to other positions, such as Residential Advisors and Academic Coordinators, subsequently.