St Mark’s College statement


On Monday 13th August, published an online story alleging racist and anti-Semitic activity involving St Mark’s students.

St Mark’s College strongly condemns any behaviours or sentiment that is racist, anti-Semitic or in any way discriminatory of any person at any time.  Such behaviour is unacceptable anywhere in society including, St Mark’s College.

We have started investigating these allegations and photos, some of which feature people that are not current or former St Mark’s students, nor have they any connection to the College or College events.  Subsequently, the College has made representations to the relevant media regarding the misleading use of images.

We are disturbed by these allegations that are antithetical to the values of the College, which has long enjoyed learning from different and diverse perspectives.

St Mark’s College seeks to provide every person who lives here with a positive experience and is committed to the safety and well-being of all students, visitors and staff.

We have well established disciplinary procedures in place and will take swift action against students found to have breached our code of conduct.


16th August 2018