A balancing act

Now in his second year of a Bachelor of Health and Medical Science, Ryan Morrow from Natimuk (VIC) was recently awarded a silver medal at the Australian Gymnastics Championships. Prior to state selection, Ryan hadn’t competed in the sport for three years and his dedication to gymnastics, balanced with being a full time student is admirable. He values the many benefits of College life which allow him to pursue his passion whilst living a balanced lifestyle. Ryan has particularly valued the time spent getting to know so many other students, and he says that “moving away from home and not knowing anyone and moving to a place where you get to know 240 others so quickly allows a smooth transition to university and to a new city”.

Along with College, study commitments and SANFL football umpiring, Ryan trains for gymnastics three times per week, “being able to go to training and see others do things I can’t do pushes me to try harder” he said. “You get the bug once you go to Nationals, so I have to keep going. Everyone competing is driven towards a new goal and i’m keen to better my silver next year.”

So what makes College such a supportive environment? Ryan says that “the way people build you up and not tear you down is so supportive. Everyone gets around you and asks how you’re doing. You can sit at lunch with anyone, it is different to any other environment because it isn’t common to have that sort of interaction.” He values the opportunity to dine together with friends daily, allowing him to focus on his commitments rather than worrying about shopping and cooking. Instead of scrolling through Facebook aimlessly he’s spend time getting to know others, their studies and discussing global issues and it is these opportunities which ensure our students are developing their personal and professional skills whilst engaging with the College community.