Seven outstanding contributors appointed as Honorary Fellows

Seven individuals who have made outstanding contributions in various ways to St Mark’s College have recently been appointed as Honorary Fellows by the College Board.

An Honorary Fellowship is the highest honour the College can bestow, and is awarded in recognition of individuals who have helped the College in very significant ways either by their work or their financial support.

The new Honorary Fellows are the first to be appointed since 2016. They are:

    • Mr Richard Burchnall – a member of College Council 1994-2018, member of College Board 2005-18, and Chairman of College Board and Council 2007-18. Read more here.
    • Mr Robert (Bob) Cowan OAM – the generous donor of grants to support hundreds of regional students to come to St Mark’s between 1995 and 2020. Read more here.
    • Professor Peter Edwards AM – Fourth Master of the College 1978-82, who oversaw the move to coeducation. Read more here.
    • Dr Angela Evans AM – an Old Collegian (St Mark’s 1982-84) who, amongst other contributions, was a member of College Council 2006-18, and member of College Board 2007-20, including Acting Chair in 2018. Read more here and here.
    • Mr Jeremy Pascoe – an Old Collegian (St Mark’s 1955-59) who, amongst many other contributions, has generously endowed a valuable scholarship for later-year student leaders (jointly with his brother Timothy). Read more here.
    • Dr Timothy Pascoe AM – an Old Collegian (St Mark’s 1957-61) who, with his brother Jeremy, has, amongst many other contributions, generously endowed a valuable scholarship for later-year student leaders. Read more here.
    • Dr Pamela Wall OAM – who jointly with her late husband, Dr Ian Wall AM, is the largest donor to the College in its history, including making possible the construction of a number of College buildings. Read more here.

Many congratulations to all of our new Honorary Fellows – and many thanks for all that they have contributed to the College and to our students!

There is a full list of the College’s Honorary Fellows here.

Image: Left to right, from top: Mr Richard Burchnall, Mr Bob Cowan OAM, Professor Peter Edwards AM, Dr Angela Evans AM, Mr Jeremy Pascoe, Dr Timothy Pascoe AM, Dr Pamela Wall OAM