2019 Opening Service

To commemorate the commencement of the 2019 Academic Year, students, staff, Board, family, Old Collegians and friends of St Mark’s attended the Opening Service at St Peter’s Cathedral. The service provided an opportunity to officially welcome our new students and for all students to think about their personal goals and purpose for the year ahead.

A lovely rendition of “Tears in Heaven” was performed by the College Choir, followed by a powerful operatic solo by Declan Ross.  Choir Master, Ryan Casey accompanied the Choir on trumpet and Mostyn Jacobs on the piano.

The College’s Chaplain, Rev’d Grant Moore, spoke about following your dreams goals and not letting obstacles get in the way.  We all have our own unique dreams and we should pursue them with perseverance and determination.

The Master’s address continued along a similar theme, highlighting the importance of determining and pursuing your own personal goals and purpose, whilst also understanding the vision, purpose and values of St Mark’s College and how they help guide and inform the collegiate community in which we all live.  She shared that St Mark’s was founded by people with a strong sense of vision and purpose to create an academic community that offered an “all-round educational experience” where “you can integrate learning and living with a focus on activities that are academic, more broadly intellectual such as spiritual, sporting, community service, and social.”  She also spoke about how the College values are to promote “intellectual enquiry and rigour, a love of learning and a culture of continuous improvement, whilst supporting the well being of each student to enjoy a healthy and happy College experience.”  Ultimately it’s a matter of judgement and the choices we make that can influence our success and how we navigate all that life entails along the way.

The service was followed by pre-dinner drinks on the lawn with family and friends before students entered the dining hall for the Fresher Dinner.

All the best to our students for the 2019 academic year!

You can read the Master’s full address here: Opening Address 2019 Master.
The Chaplain’s Sermon can be read here: Commencement Sermon