“Thank You” for your support, belief and commitment

Every year we reflect on the generous financial and in-kind support that many people give to the College and students.  We appreciate how their valuable support enables us to continue to provide even greater academic resources, financial assistance, first-class facilities, and respected networks to our students, our leaders of the future.

At the recent donor function, the Master welcomed guests and introduced the new Dean Dr Areti Metuamate and his wife Dr Jessa Rogers, a Wiradjuri woman who gave the acknowledgement to country.

The Master said “I would like to thank you all, individually, sincerely and repeatedly for your support, belief and commitment to St Mark’s and its students.  I have said this before, St Mark’s belongs to all of us, but on a day to day basis it belongs to the current of students. They bring us inspiration and a sense of purpose, and they go on after graduation prepared and determined to build a better world. It is by serving them that we serve the whole community.”

“Your support over the past year has enabled us to provide important financial support to students in the form of scholarships or bursaries, provide resources for our students, and contribute further to our Master Plan, including refurbishing our older buildings and upgrading facilities, all of which are vital to ensure that as a College, St Mark’s remains competitive with its sister institutions, and makes its mark positively as an educational institution into the future.”

“Last year we gave out over $500,000 in scholarships to support our students, many of whom were first in family to attend university and others who work three jobs to pay for their College fees.  We also celebrated several outstanding students, including our first General Sir John Monash Scholar, Alexander Makarowsky and Clare Dixon who was awarded first class honours after important research she undertook at the Robinson Institute.  Our pass rate was just under 95% with a high number of students achieving distinctions, and we won the High Table Cup.”

The Master also shared that we have a number of exciting events and activities coming up in the year ahead that include Welcome Week for our new and returning students, the opening of the Learning Commons, the Library Sundowner, the inaugural J C Bannon Oration, guest speaker events, and a number of reunions.

“The students here are terrific, and I know they are grateful for their experience.  I am also privileged to work with such a diverse and interesting bunch of young people.  We must continue to offer our students an all-round education that prepares them for their future careers – some of which may not even have been thought of yet and we must provide the facilities of a modern university residential College.”

“To you all, the College is fortunate that you come and invest in the College and don’t really ask for anything in return, and that leaves us deeply in your debt.  Thank you.”

2019 St Marks EventsThere are many exciting events scheduled this year and regular updates can be found on the Events page of our website.

Dr Jessa Rogers & Rose Alwyn
Margaret Lee, Richard Watson & Angela Bannon
George Gream, Christopher Lee & Geoff Sandford
Dr Bob Marsh & Charles Bowden
Anita Robinson & Michael Tingay
Mary & Richard Watson
Armon Hicks Jnr, Michael Adams & Simon Gramp

Kathy Radoslovich, Dr John Boully, Dr Jessa Rogers & Areti Metuamate
Ian Wall & Mark Penniment
Dr John Skipper & Richard Watson
Rebecca Vaughan & Roberta Steele
Rick & Elizabeth Ferguson
Students Sarina Ferguson, Brady Martin, Ally Kenny & Erin Widdinson
Craig Grocke & Raphaela Oest