A commitment to excellence

St Mark’s College is committed to excellence in all that we do and recognising excellence in others for their academic achievements or contributions within the St Mark’s or broader community. The presentation of scholarships, prizes, grants and bursaries to over 30% of St Mark’s students each year is testament to this commitment which also provides financial support to those in need.

Through the incredible generosity of donors and supporters of St Mark’s College, over $250,000 of financial support was awarded to students during 2016 to further enable their fulfilling university experience.

The College holds two ceremonies each year to award scholarships, grants and prizes to new or returning students of St Mark’s for their academic achievements, contributions to the College or wider community, or to provide financial support.  In March this year over $80,000 in scholarships and grants was awarded to 29 students, with a further $75,000 awarded to 34 students on 12th October.

In addition, over 30 students will receive bursaries throughout the year valued at over $130,000 for their involvement in leading and developing members of the College community.

It was a pleasure to welcome benefactors and their families to present the Scholarships and prizes at our most recent awards ceremony.

Dr John Boully presented the JM Boully scholarship to second year MBBS student Tim Trewren from Berri. John lived at St Mark’s in the 1960s and in his final year as a medical student lived at Yalata mission which he found to be a ‘life changing’ experience. Following his work at Yalata, John started the aboriginal medical service in Port Augusta (the Pika Wiya Health Service) in order to help build a network of medical services from the city to rural and then more remote areas.

Mr Martin Crabb, Business Development Manager at Programmed, presented the Programmed Scholarship to Jack Arney who is in his third year of a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronic) degree. Programmed have been providing regular maintenance of the College since 1984 and we thank them for their ongoing support of our students.

Ms Sonia Laidlaw presented the Don Laidlaw Prize to second year students Alex Makarowsky and Sarina Ferguson. The Prize is awarded to two outstanding second year students to encourage them to return to College for a third year to benefit from their considerable leadership potential and community contributions to College life.

Congratulations to all of our 2016 award recipients. For more information about the scholarships, grants and prizes available at St Mark’s, please click here.

Scholarship Recipient

Alumni Scholarships Ryan Burley, Bianca Joubert, Alexandra Kenny, Annabelle Maher, Evette De Jager, Devon Milton Hutchinson,Brady Martin, Caleb Maru, Hayley Finlay, Tiffany Finlay, Samantha Oxford, Courtney Elmitt, Jake Copping

The Margaret Beith Scholarship Sarah Bassett, Ruaraidh Mills

The Margaret Tothill Scholarship Ella Roberts, Ebony Brouwers

The Lewis Scholarship Michael Smith

The Don Laidlaw Prize Alex Makarowsky, Sarina Ferguson

The Lendon Scholarship Natasha Gray

The LeMessurier Scholarship Ellie Cobiac

The Programmed Scholarship Jack Arney

The Gavin Walkley Scholarship Mary Seagrim

The Sir Ronald Fisher Medal Kimberly Becker

DL & ME Pank Scholarship Kardinia Caputo, Brandon Swain

The P & B Greenland scholarship Andrew Casey

The Women of St Mark’s Scholarship Jemima Staude

J M Boully Scholarship Tim Trewren

Heidi Hutchesson, Caleb Maru and Courtney Elmitt
Ella Roberts and Ebony Brouwers were presented the Margaret Tothill Scholarship by Board member and Bursar, Mr Mark Penniment
Michael Smith, Jake Copping, Ryan Burley, Ellie Cobiac and Brady Martin
Dr John Boully presented the J M Boully Scholarship to second year student Tim Trewren